Alice Cooper Launches Horror Comic Book Fundraiser

Alice Cooper Launches Horror Comic Book Fundraiser

March 25, 2013

‘Uncle Alice Presents’, a shock-rock horror anthology series narrated by Alice Cooper, is set to launch later this year.

A comic book anthology horror series, graphic novel, and, if you demand it, a television series, ‘Uncle Alice presents’ is the one and only horror series brought to you by and featuring the visionary maestro of shock rock himself, Alice Cooper. Created by Tom Sheppard (co-creator of and show runner for The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange), a Kickstarter campaign has been created at in an effort to raise $200,000 to publish all twelve comic book issues of ‘Uncle Alice Presents’, along with the compilation graphic novel, and hopefully the television pilot. One lucky financial backer will even be allowed to come up with the idea for one of the comic books!

Through Uncle Alice’s twisted lens, witness a shock-rock, genre-bending take on all things awful and icky. With a tawdry 1970’s grindhouse drive-in movie feel, and a sardonic tone somewhere between the tongue-in-cheek Cabin in the Woods and the exploitative hyper realism of Last House on the Left, every sordid tale Uncle Alice presents will leave the audience screaming… for more, freaked out, and possibly in need of a shower — just the way you feel after an awesome (is there any other kind?) Alice Cooper concert. Welcome to my nightmare, I hope I didn’t scare you…

Every financial backer who pledges $10 or more will have the opportunity to submit one idea for the chance to have it turned into an issue of ‘Uncle Alice Presents’. The story must be tellable in a 24-page comic book, be fun, and fit with the theme of the series. Once a pledge has been made, the concept can be submitted to Please make sure your submissions are in accordance with the rules. All ideas must be submitted by the end of the campaign, at which point the creative team will pick ten finalists. From May 15th to 25th, each backer will be able to cast a single vote for their favorite of the top ten stories. The winning concept will be turned into an issue of the comic, written by Tom Sheppard, and the winner will receive a co-story credit on that issue.

Alice Cooper is a staple of American music, performing shock rock shows that have spawned artistically from his love of horror films and vaudeville. Since 1963 he’s been filling our ears with terror, releasing a total of 26 albums in 50 years. Like fake blood spattered across a concert hall wall, Alice is ready to make his imprint on comics… and you can call him Uncle.

For a sample of ‘Uncle Alice Presents’, and to pledge money toward’s the project, visit

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