Alice Cooper Live Shows Being Recorded For MP3 Encores


November 24, 2009

Theatre Of Death Tour 2009 – They keep killing him… but he keeps coming back…

Alice Cooper Live Shows Being Recorded For MP3 EncoresCall him Master of Shock Rock, Black Humorist Supreme, or simply one of the era’s great showmen, his mark has been undeniable.

Alice Cooper received his long-awaited star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, as well as lifetime achievement awards from both Classic Rock and Mojo, two of the most important rock music magazines in the world, and has a syndicated Monday-Friday Rock’n’Roll radio show, launched in 2004, which is already on over 100 stations worldwide.

His concerts have always been unique and spectacular. His blend of rock theatre and visual stimulation in combination with his rock hits has made him one of the most successful musicians of all time.

Now you can listen to Alice Cooper live over and over again!

Concert Online records the live shows of Alice Cooper’s “Theatre of Death” Tour 2009 with a state-of-the-art mobile recording studio. To ensure maximum quality and listening pleasure, all tracks are recorded and mixed via elaborate multi-track audio technology.

The live audio recording will then be edited and copied to the “Theatre of Death” Concert Stick in highest MP3 quality (320 kBit/s) and is available on location directly after each show.

From the day after the concert, the audio recordings are available online as well: as download or Concert Stick. Overview of all available Alice Cooper concerts.

How does the Concert Stick work?
Just plug in your Concert Stick to any regular USB port on any regular PC or MAC, start the integrated audio player and listen to the very concert you’ve attended! Of course you can play the contained MP3 files on any device capable of playing back MP3s. On top, the Concert Stick functions as a 1GB USB 2.0 pen drive – please make sure to secure all contained data before you store additional content or erase the pen drive!

Can I burn a CD from the files contained?
Yes! It’s that easy: To ensure maximum playback compatibility, our 320 kBit/s MP3s are not copy protected.

Where can I get my encores?
As we need some time to finish the audio files and duplicate the Concert Sticks, the last few songs from each concert are available for download from the day after the concert. Therefore, every box contains a voucher code that enables you to download your encores for free!

To download your encores, check out and follow the on-screen instructions

If you order your Concert Stick or MP3 download online all tracks will of course be included right away.

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