Alice Cooper Offers Words Of Wisdom For Lindsay Lohan

Alice Cooper Offers Words Of Wisdom For Lindsay Lohan

March 3, 2011

Alice Cooper Offers Words Of Wisdom For Lindsay LohanHollie McKay of reports: Legendary rocker Alice Cooper suffered some serious substance abuse issues in his time, but after thirty years of sobriety the singer has some words of wisdom for celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

“It was fun in the 60’s and 70’s but those days are gone, if you are living in this day and age there are way too many things to stop your career and not enough things to keep it going,” he said.

“In this business there is two or things you have to do. You have to be totally professional, always be there half an hour early not half an hour late. Be ready to work and do what you are supposed to do,” Cooper told FOX411’s Pop Tarts, after announcing the nominees for the third annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards presented by Epiphone, which will take place Wednesday, April 20, at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.

“If you’re doing a movie, know your lines, if you’re doing an album then don’t show up and not know what you’re doing because that’s the stereotypical thing people think rock stars are…it’s not really true. We get in the studio and know exactly what we’re doing.”

And even when he was in the depths of self-destruction, Cooper said it never impacted his work ethic.

“It was just something that was built into us, if you wanted to stick around you really had to be professional. Our band really believed in that. We were over-rehearsed, we never dared come in late,” he said. “What that says to me is that my time is more important that yours, and that is insulting. You don’t need enemies in this business, you need friends.”

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until his health started drastically declining that he decided to change his bad behaviors once and for all.

“I had to quit drinking thirty years ago because I was getting up in the morning and throwing up blood and that is probably not a good thing. I think that might have been a sign to quit drinking, and what it really did was put thirty more years on my life. I never smoked cigarettes,” Cooper continued. “I’ve been married 35 years with the greatest wife in the world, and all those things really contribute to (staying clean) and I have never lost my love for the big power chords.”

And who knows, maybe Lindsay Lohan or even Charlie Sheen would benefit from taking up golf – after all, it has worked wonders for the 63-year-old.

“I play for fun even though I’ve won a lot of tournaments and I play pretty good, but it is only because I play a lot – six days a week. It took the addiction of drinking six days a week, now I play golf six days a week but at least I am going to live to talk about it,” he said. “If I was drinking six days a week like I used to, I wouldn’t be here.”

But sobriety aside, Cooper is concerned that the true heart of rock/heavy metal is being skewered in today’s society, and hopes the Revolver Awards (which is dedicated to honoring the best of the best in this genre) will help keep rock alive and well.

“I get a little angry when I watch television and they call hip hop and modern music rock n’ roll, it is not rock n’ roll. It is good and I can sit there and watch it, but rock n’ roll is ‘Guns n’ Roses’ and ‘Aerosmith,’ guys with guitars on stage rockin’. I get a little put off when I see digestible music thrown in the same thing as rock n’ roll, we used to be the outcasts and now we’re kind of mainstream and I don’t know if I like that,” he explained.

“And there is a lot of safety on the radio, everything is so PC. Everything has to be totally politically correct, but I tell people I’m politically incoherent. Honestly, rock n’ roll has to have some danger to it and if it is going to get played they make sure it is in this little box and it is just okay… everything is so censored.”

And speaking of Aerosmith and keeping real rock in the spotlight, Cooper hopes his music cohort Steven Tyler’s presence as a judge on the current season of “American Idol” will also help bring back true rock n’ roll.

“Steven Tyler is perfect for the show because he is very quick, very funny, I know a lot of people really revolted against him going on there and said ‘come on, you’re a rock n’ roll guy’ but we needed a rock n’ roll guy on ‘American Idol.’ Maybe now we’ll see some real rock players,” Cooper added.

“The only thing I had against that kind of show was because it always produced the same cookie-cutter kind of guy. What would happen if a Bob Dylan showed up? He would never get past the first round because they’d go ‘we want you to do this Barry Manilow song’ and he’d go ‘no.’ How is that promoting any kind of creativity? We need a hard rock ‘American Idol’ show where you’ve got to get on and write your own songs.”

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