Alice Cooper Once Again Shocks Censors And Releases New Video


October 1, 2008

Alice Cooper, your favourite shock rocker, has again succeeded in shocking the censors in America. But we have just the remedy for you!

Last night Alice played “Vengeance Is Mine” from ALONG CAME A SPIDER on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on the CBS Network in the U.S. And he wasn’t allowed to do it the way he wanted to! He wanted to re-enact a piece of his new video by picking a female victim from the audience to choke with a silk scarf. But the TV Station wouldn’t allow it! Huh?! Like we don’t see violence on the news? Anyways…Alice wasn’t allowed to. All’s not fair in TV and Rock ‘n’ Roll it seems.

BUT – in an effort to show the TV station what they missed out on – we’ve decided to move up the premiere of the uncut, uncensored video and put it out for YOU, the fans, online today! Who needs TV? Love him or hate him, Alice Cooper’s a legend with a killer show and a killer concept. And this video is no exception. Clocking in at 9+min. long, it features three (yes, 3!) songs from the ALONG CAME A SPIDER album. (And Slash crushes in the vid btw!)

So, if you already have the now-famous Alice Cooper Pinball Widget installed on your page somewhere, you’ll see that the video just shows up in there. If not, install it because due to the awesome response we’re extending the game until the end of the year! Every month from now until the end of the year we’ll be announcing new winners, so check it out and enjoy! (

NO MATTER WHAT – make sure to check out the brand new video on one or all of the following sites and tell us, Alice, Slash, your neighbors, your cat, the dentist and even your favorite presidential candidate what you think! Whoever’s into freedom of speech should get a taste of Alice Cooper’s rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s up to you! Enjoy!

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