Alice Cooper Reveals That ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ Is Completed

Alice Cooper Reveals That ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ Is Completed

February 20, 2011

Alice Cooper Reveals That 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' Is CompletedShock rocker reveals that Welcome 2 My Nightmare is “done”

Alice made the revelation during his radio show Nights With Alice Cooper on Planet Rock last night, saying that the “Welcome 2 My Nightmare is done. It’s just sitting there.”

The album is, like the 1975 original, is produced by Bob Ezrin and in an interview last year Alice revealed the story behind the new album.

“I’m very happy with working with Bob again. It’s ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’, and it’s the next nightmare. Thirty years later, he has another nightmare, and this one is even worse than the last one. . . I haven’t worked with Bob in a long time. After the 35th anniversary of ‘Nightmare’, I said, ‘Why don’t we start writing something else?’ And he said, ‘Why don’t we just do part two?’ We’d never done part two, so I went, ‘That’s a great idea. Let’s get me and you together, I think we can still get Steven Hunter and Dick Wagner. We’ll put some of the original people on it and add some new people.”

There is no release date slated for the new record yet, but expect it at some point in the summer when Alice hits the road once more for a European tour, including a show at the Download Festival.

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