Alice Cooper’s upcoming studio album ‘Road’ to feature and co-written by his touring band

Photo by Joe Schaeffer

Alice Cooper’s upcoming studio album ‘Road’ to feature and co-written by his touring band

Shock rocker Alice Cooper has one of the best touring bands in rock n’ roll consisting of guitarists Ryan Roxie (1996 to 2006 and 2012 to present), Tommy Henriksen (2011 to present) and Nita Strauss (2014 to 2022 and 2023 to present); bassist Chuck Garric (2002 to present); and, drummer Glen Sobel (2011 to present). However, for studio albums including Detroit Stories in 2021, Alice Cooper often ends up using outside writers and musicians. This is about to change for the shock rocker’s next studio album.

In an interview with Tommy London for SiriusXM‘s Hair Nation, Alice Cooper was asked whether his two upcoming albums were ready to go, to which he replied (as provided by SiriusXM with slight edits):

“Uh, yeah. One, the album that’s gonna be coming out very soon is the touring band [Ryan] Roxie and Glen [Sobel]. You know, all the guys, Tommy [Henriksen] and Chuck [Garric] and Nita [Strauss]. I said, “I wanna show this band off.” So we did an album in the studio and very, very, very few over dubs in it because the band’s so tight and I wanted them to all do the writing with me. I said, “Everybody bring in songs.” I want everything in-house, you know. [Bob] Ezrin produced it and I mean, it’s a great guitar driven rock and roll album. So, I mean, I’m very, very proud of this album. And it’s coming. It’ll be out this year and then there’s another album I can’t talk about.”

In terms of the title for the album featuring his touring band, Alice Cooper stated: “I think it’s gonna be called ‘Road.’ Because it’s, you know, this is the band that’s on the road and most of the songs are about the road.” Alice Cooper added: “There’s a lot of funny stuff on there. There’s a couple of heartbreakers. Uh, there’s, you know, I mean, I think when you hear the album, you get a feeling of what it’s like to be on the road.”

You can check out the interview with Alice Cooper via the SXM App.