All For Metal unveil video for new single “Goddess of War” from debut album ‘Legends’

All For Metal unveil video for new single “Goddess of War” from debut album ‘Legends’

All For Metal consisting of lead vocalists Tim “Tetzel” Wagner and Antonio Calanna, guitarists Ursula Zanichelli and Jasmin Pabst, bassist Florian Toma and drummer Leif Jensen have unveiled their eight video in support of their debut Legends, which was released via AFM Records back on July 7, 2022. This time, it is the track “Goddess of War” that is getting the video treatment.

Track List for Legends:
01. All For Metal
02. Goddess of War
03. Born In Valhalla
04. Raise Your Hammer
05. Hear The Drum
06. Run
07. Prophecy of Hope
08. Mountain of Power
09. Fury of The Gods
10. The Day of Hammerfall
11. Legends Never Die

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx last month, Wagner, Calanna and Pabst were asked whether there would be more videos released in support of Legends to which Wagner indicated: “Yes. More is coming. We just wanted to basically get our music out there and I think nowadays, it’s something really important for people to connect, to feel something and also experience. Like I said, All For Metal, we always try to take a step bigger. It’s a show, it’s a world, it’s something to build upon and we try to take as many people as we can with us to enjoy the ride, to enjoy the journey, and through the music, we are able to express what we feel and want to show with the songs.

We committed a lot of work and of course [laughs] a lot of money to producing that many music videos so that people can enjoy it. They can watch it on TV, on their phone, whatever — not just listen to it. Of course, at the end, it’s the music but I think it’s a good vehicle to get the music to the people, and to also visually connect with us. We are in the process right now of basically cutting new material for new videos and also we have one more feature video coming for the current album still. it’s something that’s not usually done — a video coming out after the album has already been released but we’re going to do that and we’re planning on releasing more videos in the near future for the next album that we are already working on.”

All For Metal‘s “Goddess of War” video: