Alleycat Scratch Ready To Serve ‘Last Call’


November 22, 2009

Alleycat Scratch Ready To Serve Last CallFirst we brought you Swingin’ Thing, then there was Blackboard Jungle, now Suncity Records ( are thrilled to announce the signing of another killer group Alleycat Scratch.

Every Hard Rock fan that loves their Hollywood Glam/Sleaze bands will know about Alleycat Scratch’s classic debut album Deadboys From Trash City. Regarded as one of the top Glam/Sleaze albums of all-time, Deadboys was sadly the only album that the boys ever released. The whole “In with the Grunge, out with the Rock” story doesn’t need to be rehashed but Alleycat Scratch were just another band that fell by the way side with the change of the musical scene.

Alleycat’s unreleased recordings were touted to be released on the Regeneration Records sometime is 2008 but the band were dropped from the label. Good thing is Suncity Records will be releasing a CD/DVD double disc package that will capture all the attitude, energy & unruly fun that the Deadboys had when headlining the Strip back in the day.

When Alleycat Scratch formed in 1988 in San Francisco, CA, they never really intended to take over Hollywood. As time went by, it became obvious to the band members that a relocation was necessary in order for them to be noticed. So in the summer of 1991, after some musical housecleaning, the core of the band, guitarist Devin Lovelace, drummer Robbi Black and Dias packed what they could fit into a car and headed south.

Blasting through the L.A. club circuit with the subtlety of an atomic bomb, the newly revitalized band took on all comers and slammed their way to the top of the heap. As one of the top drawing acts of 1992, the band felt it was time to give a little more and started preparing their debut album. That album was as previously mentioned 1993s ‘Deadboys In Trash City’ and became the bands calling card. The strutting, highly energetic Alleycat Scratch looked as if they were on the verge of cutting a huge slice of the Glam marketplace for themselves with their self-financed, Mikey Davis produced debut album but unfortunately for the band, just as the music industry started to take notice of Alleycat Scratch the musical tide changed and the momentum the band had built suddenly ground to a halt. The band had very few options available to them so in April 1994, the inevitable happened and Alleycat Scratch pulled the claws out one last time for a packed show at Los Angeles’ famed nightclub “The Troubadour”. It was their last stand and they went down fighting as a screaming, blood thirsty audience showed Eddie Robison, Devin Lovelace, Bobby “Boa” Dias and Robbi Black their appreciation by giving their heroes a drunken orgy of a send off that many of their Sunset Strip predecessors would have been envious of.

15 years later, the time has come for the world to hear the rest of the material Alleycat recorded as well as a bunch of amazing live material. Prepare yourself for Alleycat Scratch – Last Call and you can start by listening to one of the unreleased studio tracks that will be featured on the new album at this location.

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