Ambush singer Oskar Jacobsson hopes that there is a ‘New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal’ going on

Ambush singer Oskar Jacobsson hopes that there is a ‘New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal’ going on

Ambush lead vocalist Oskar Jacobsson was recently interviewed by Panos Anagnostopoulos for Ride Into Glory with the Swedish rockers’ new album Infidel about to be released via High Roller Records on March 13, 2020.

It was noted that Ambush are the forefront of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal and Jacobsson was asked whether he feels part of this global wave to which he replied:

“Yeah definitely. It makes a difference when you are in “a wave” because in that way it feels like it’s a bigger “punch” rather than one band tries to strike through the mainstream. So I would like to imagine that there is a wave going on. And there are a lot of bands that play traditional music. The younger generation sees real value in real music and I think that our numbers will grow as we go deeper into the mainstream bullshit that’s on the radio right now. Young people tend to make a revolution about that so I feel that we are getting closer towards the “real sound” of guitars, bass, drums… and that’s the new wave. I would say that a lot of NW bands are into the 70s sound as well. It’s more about mainstream versus real, mainstream versus tradition. For me it’s like that- it’s not just about heavy metal. It could be a blues band, an indie band that uses analog recordings. It’s about real music versus chewing gum.”

In terms of whether Ambush may try new sounds or experiment in the future, Jacobsson opined: “I think we found what we want to sound like, but we don’t want to limit ourselves in a certain kind of style. We can play what we want and still know what Ambush is about: Early ‘80s – late ‘70s traditional heavy metal. That’s what we want, what we like and what we aim to be. Its that specific era of music that made us feel warm inside.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Oskar Jacobsson at Ride Into Glory‘s website.

Ambush‘s “Hellbiter” video (from upcoming Infidel album):


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