American Bombshell release video for “Money On The Liquor” feat. Richard Fortus and David Roach

American Bombshell release video for “Money On The Liquor” feat. Richard Fortus and David Roach

Indiana, USA based hard rockers American Bombshell have released a video for their new song “Money On The Liquor” which features a guitar solo from Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus and additional vocals from Junkyard frontman David Roach. The track “Money On The Liquor” is the first single from American Bombshell‘s sophomore album Tattooed ‘N Bruised, which will be released via the EMP Label Group on March 29, 2019.

The group’s debut album No Regrets finished at #6 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016.

Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of No Regrets: “After a stellar sleazy opener, the question is of course can American Bombshell keep it up? The answer is mostly “yes.” As previously stated, American Bombshell are relentless and never let up. They do hover a little bit too much into “modern” sounding on some tracks foregoing melody and killer hooks for bland heaviness. “Party In Hell” is the most guilty track in that regard and really the only blemish on an otherwise very good album. Another “knock” on No Regrets is that there is seemingly no real standout track — the anthem if you will — but what you do get is, aside from “Party Like Hell”, is one solid track after another. American Bombshell do have a few layers to them as they prove on “So Broken” — a bluesy number that may well remind you of Badlands. I think what makes American Bombshell‘s No Regrets so special is lead vocalist Jay Cee‘s singing. The guy just seems to have the perfect voice to complement American Bombshell‘s sleazy and powerful brand of music.”

American Bombshell‘s “Money On The Liquor” video feat. Richard Fortus and David Roach:

American Bombshell – Money On The Liquor (Official Video)

American Bombshell – “Money On The Liquor (Official Video)The first single from the album “Tattooed ‘N Bruised”.Subscribe to American Bombshell’s channel: ht…