American Bombshell release video for track “Joyride”

American Bombshell release video for track “Joyride”

Indiana, USA based rockers American Bombshell consisting of lead vocalist Jay Cee, guitarists Andrew “Nix” Nixon and Dustin Webster, bassist Dusty Green and drummer Jason Carr have released a video for their track “Joyride” from their sophomore album Tattooed ‘n Bruised.

Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Tattooed ‘n Bruised:

“Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this album, it isn’t breaking any new ground and the riffs and chord progressions have all been heard before in some manner. That’s okay though, as fans will still lap it up and it will feel comfortably familiar. I must say that the lead guitar work for the solos, melodies and fills is a standout and really elevates the rating of the album. However, the real shining light on Tattooed ‘n Bruised is undoubtedly vocalist Jay Cee. What a voice. He seems to have the ability to change his vocal style making each song sound like it is being sung by a different singer, yet being able to retain a portion of his own identity. His transition from calm soothing vocals to angst filled aggression is handled well and with relative ease. Rock is definitely not dead!”

American Bombshell‘s “Joyride” video:

American Bombshell – Joyride (Official Music Video)

Official video for “Joyride” from American Bombshell’s 2019 album “Tattooed ‘N Bruised”Video:Directed by Byron StankusPresented by Ephiphany Storm Pictures a…