American Dog Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas Like Only They Can

American Dog Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas Like Only They Can

November 24, 2014

The Alcoholidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate the “holiest” of seasons than a festive Christmas song from American Dog?

Throw another log on the electric fireplace, grab a cold one for each fist and crank up the new video for “Merry Christmas Asshole”, a ditty guaranteed to deflate your neighbor’s 20 foot tall inflatable Santa.

Visit The American Dog store now at to get the ‘Merry Christmas Asshole’ CD, featuring two versions of the title track plus a live concert from Sonic Lounge Studios. Originally released in late 2012, Sleaze Roxx said, “This ‘festive’ song is better suited to a dysfunctional family who drinks too much eggnog before erupting into fist-fights because the Xmas turkey was too dry — before you know it mistletoe is flying, children are crying, and Uncle Mike is being taken to the emergency ward after getting his skull cracked open by a flying drumstick. Welcome to an American Dog family Christmas — I think a TV special is in order!”

American Dog’s annual XXX-Mas party will be held on Saturday, December 13th at the Cock-n-Bull in downtown Summit Station, Ohio.

American Dog was formed in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio, by ex-Salty Dog anf Dangerous Toys bassist Michael Hannon. American Dog has recorded seven studio albums and released eleven overall. Earlier this year they completed their first recording as a four-piece band entitled ‘Neanderthal’.

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