American premiere of Hessler’s title track from their upcoming new album ‘When The Sky Is Black’

American premiere of Hessler’s title track from their upcoming new album ‘When The Sky Is Black’

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to host the American premiere of Chicago, Illinois, USA based Hessler‘s title track from their new studio album When The Sky Is Black, which is slated for a release sometime this spring of 2020. Hessler have previously released the four following albums: Bad Blood EP (2011), Comes With The Territory (2012), Ghost Dance EP (2014) and Skeleton Crew EP (2016).

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Hessler founder, lead vocalist and guitarist Igz Kincaid, provided an update on the group’s line-up as he indicated: “All is the same on this ship as for the last two to three years. Erik Michael and I on guitars, though he’s carrying the weight of the majority of the leads while I’m on lead vocals. Adam Arling played all bass guitars on the upcoming album, along with some third guitar on a couple of songs. Richo Marquina played drums on all of the songs.”

In terms of how he’s grown as a person since Hessler‘s debut EP Bad Blood in 2011 and how that’s been reflected in the band’s music, themes and lyrics, Kincaid stated:

“The lyrics for the song “Never Lost My Way” mean a lot to me personally because it serves as what I call an “audio tattoo”, to stay the course and be loyal to yourself. It is inevitable that we all change as we get older, and as much as I have changed, I’ve also stayed the same. When self-reflecting, there are plenty of life, musical and performance moments that make me cringe; then again there is plenty that I’m extremely proud of and have grown as a person to appreciate the ying / yang influence on the artist and person that you become. Today I can say that I’m calmer when working, more receptive to ideas, and willing to listen. When you’re developing / starting out, though you think you know everything about anything, your realm of understanding is extremely limited to what is really out there. Then again, that youthful outlook is pure and raw, and that’s magic you can’t take away. I think that’s why there are agents / managers to oversee young artists. Although the horror stories of same might be blown out of proportion, it will always be difficult to combat the paranoia that someone wants to change your idea and self-interest lying around the corner.

Though I never throw any guitar lick, lyric or musical theme away, I’m a proponent of writing lyrics and music based on who you are at that moment. I do feel the lyrical and musical themes of Hessler have matured since the early days, but ultimately that’s for the listener to decide. As a listener, I would hate it when one of my favorite bands put out a record that was different from what they’ve done before. As I’ve grown, I find myself listening to back to those records I hated and often find myself enjoying them for the what place they hold in a band’s catalog. The upcoming release will add another dimension to Hessler. I’m looking forward to teleporting to it.”

Hessler‘s “When The Sky Is Black” single (from upcoming When The Sky Is Black album):

Hessler – When the Sky Is Black

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