Ammunition singer Åge Sten Nilsen still has many open wounds from his time in Wig Wam

Ammunition singer Åge Sten Nilsen still has many open wounds from his time in Wig Wam

Current Ammunition and former Wig Wam lead vocalist Åge Sten Nilsen was recently interviewed by Grande Rock and spoke about Ammunition‘s new self-titled second album, which is scheduled to be released via Frontiers Music Srl on January 26, 2018.

Sten Nilsen stated: “Being busy means I’m still able to be self-employed, which is a damn good thing being a musician (ha ha); Erik and I formed Ammunition way back in 2013, when Wig Wam was breaking up. Our first album, “Shanghaied”, was released late 2014 in Norway and in January 2015 in the rest of the world. It’s been a real joyride to be a part of a band again. After all, Wig Wam was quite dysfunctional for a number of years until we called it quits. So, to finally have some brothers in arms to write, record and tour with was awesome. Our second album, the self-titled “Ammunition“, will be released on January 26th, 2018, worldwide through Frontiers Music. And I really think this album stands out. I still can’t find one weak song on it, and I tell you, I have listened to it over and over again. No wonder, I’m extremely proud of it. And can’t wait for it to be launched!!”

In terms of whether he reminisces on his days in Wig Wam, Sten Nilsen advised: “I really appreciate what we managed to achieve with Wig Wam. We worked our asses off from day one. Quite often I would sit until 5 in the morning sending out promotion letters, hunting down promoters and collaborators etc. And at the end it paid off. And we were a great team the first 4-5 years. I’m also aware of the fact that it’s because of Wig Wam I have managed to create a career. I had already given up my own career before Wig Wam. So I started to produce music shows. I used to reminisce once in a while, but there are still so many open wounds left from those times that still feels painful, still today, that I rather enjoy these moments of honesty, collaboration, brotherhood and most of all; mutual respect.”

With respect to what the future holds for Sten Nilsen, the singer stated: “My Queen show celebrates 10 years this year, and that’s damn fine opportunity to call it quits. We’ve sold more than a half million tickets, and we’re on our farewell tour these days, which will last until April 7th. After that I will focus a 100% on getting Ammunition on the road, both in Norway but also where ever they will have us. I’m also gearing up for some acoustic tours on my own. Just me and my guitar and piano. Doing my solo stuff, telling the stories behind the songs you know. A sort of intimate experience. I’ll of course do some gigs with Tony Carey in between, going to Russia in late January to play the Crocus City Hall in Moscow with Don Airey (Deep Purple) and Doogie White (former Rainbow singer). We have already written 6 brand new Ammunition songs for our third album, so we’ll continue that process whenever there is time in-between tours. I’ve written about 20 new solo songs to be recorded during the Spring of 2018, and a boxed solo set will be released in June 2018, containing the albums “Wolf & Butterfly” and “GLAMunition” + a couple of new tunes and some old rarities. We’re in the middle of producing a documentary about the 10 years with the Queen show, and Dan Reed and I have talked about going out on a duo tour sometime next Fall. On top of that, there are some TV plans and I’ve also started to write some songs in Norwegian language. Even though my main priorities will contain original music, I’m still planning on doing some Queen related gigs outside of Norway. It’s become such a big part of my career that I would love to take my Queen band to Europe to rock out the old classics on smaller venues, without the big production we do in Norway.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sten Nilsen at Grande Rock.

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