Amnesia Rockfest takes high road in reply to Twister Sister blogger’s “Shitfest” comments

Amnesia Rockfest takes high road in reply to Twister Sister blogger’s “Shitfest” comments

Iconic heavy metal rockers Twisted Sister were part of the Amnesia Rockfest this year, which was held in Montebello, Quebec, Canada from June 23 to 25, 2016. Someone from the group’s entourage apparently posts the column Armadillo Rock Report on Amnesia Rockfest posterTwisted Sister‘s website and had some choice words to describe Twisted Sister‘s experience at this year’s Amnesia Rockfest including calling the festival “Amnesia Shitfest.”

Amnesia Rockfest has now provided an official response to the comments made on Twisted Sister‘s website, which is as follows:

“I was extremely disappointed earlier today to read the comments made by Twister Sister’s blogger after their show at Amnesia Rockfest 2016. We contacted the band’s team as soon as we became aware of these comments, and they immediately decided to remove the blog post outlining their dissatisfaction. However, I think it’s important that we set the record straight to prevent misunderstandings. In the 11 years of the festival, I have never seen anything like this. No member of the Twisted Sister camp contacted me at any point during or after the festival to express any concerns — we are always open to constructive criticism and improvement.

I could tell the other side of the story. I could explain how running a festival with 130 bands over two days works and how our entire team makes serious efforts to accommodate them all, rather than giving priority to a single band. I could mention that all the logistical information was sent to performers weeks prior to the event to ensure there would be no surprises about our hospitality, production or the site’s geographic location. I could also name the hundreds of bands who are satisfied with their experience at Rockfest year after year. Even though I strongly disagree with their claims and the way they chose to share their views, I still have tremendous respect for this legendary band and I wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Alex Martel, Founder, Amnesia Rockfest