Ampage Vocalist Changes His Mantra


November 11, 2007

Rock Star Mark Mason, Lead singer for the rock band “AMPAGE” Will be racing this Sunday, Oct. 7th, 2007 in the “Siesta Keys Triathlon” . Mark is curently ranked 3260 in the U.S. and 68 in the U.S. on the bike. Mark has raced in 9 triathlons this year from Calif. to Florida including the “Escape to Miami” triathlon last week. He has changed his mantra from “Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll” to “SWIM, BIKE, RUN n ROCK!”

With the new release of Mason’s 4th album titled “AMPAGE, FUTURE DAYS GONE BY” Mason and his band will be touring the USA participating in triathlons in every city that he can. “I train for triathlons 2 hours a day now, in between band rehearsals. I’m in the best shape of my life right now.” says Mason”when I toured in the 80’s and 90’s I used to do a lot of drinking and drugging and smoking. I can’t do that anymore. Keeping in shape (body, mind and soul) is much better, not only for my health but also for my music. I’m very competitive and love pushing myself to see how fast I can swim, bike and run in triathlons all over the world. It has also greatly improved my singing and performance on stage. Its a win win”.

Ampage is an american west coast rock band that’s been around since the mid 1980’s fusing hard rock with modern rock, power and melody, passion and compassion. With only 3 albums under their belt, Ampage, over the years have shared the stage with other bands such as Eric Clapton, Def Leppard, Social Distortion, Guns N Roses, Billy Idol, and Dramarama to name just a few. Ampage was a Hollywood based strip band when they released their first album in 1986 “Champagne & Caviar” produced by Mitch Mitchel (Hendrix). The band released their 2nd album in 1997 titled “Iron Horse” produced by Duane Baron (Ozzie, Cheap Trick, Heart) and Jeff Klaven (Krokus). The single “Words” with its heavy rotation on radio, did very well in the U.S. and Europe charting #37 on Album Network and R&R. In 2001, Ampage released its 3rd album titled “Falling Higher” again Produced by Duane Baron. This time Ampage had a little help from their friends. Some of the additional players on this album included John Taylor (Duran Duran), John Easdale (Dramarama), Gary Busey (Buddy Holly, Star is Born), Jeff Conaway (Taxi, Greese) and Rick Allen (Def Leppard) on drums.

The current Ampage line up includes veteran lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter Mark Mason who has also written and recorded several songs for t.v. and movies. Mason has also collaborated with other great artists such as Tommy Shaw (Styx)) & songwriter Wes Arkin (Guns n Roses). Mason is the only artist in history to legally change some of the lyrics in a John Lennon song (Gimme Some Truth). After recording 10 albums and several years of recording & touring with Dramarama, lead guitarist Mark Englert joined Ampage in 2001 replacing guitar legend Earl Slick (Bowie, Lennon). Loren Molinare (Little Ceasar, The Dogs) is still lending guitars to the band in the studio and occasionally on stage. Original drummer Michael Kroeger re-joined Ampage replacing Rick Allen (Def Leppard) who was filling in at the time. David Swendig (Hell ‘N’ Back) has replaced Tom Mullaney (Dramarama) on keyboards and backing vocals. Over the years other artists such as John Easedale (Dramarama), John Taylor (Duran Duran), actor/musician Jeff Conaway (Taxi, Grease), Gary Busey (A Star Is born, Buddy Holly), Billy Wirth (Lost Boys) and Corey Feldman (Lost Boys, E.T.) have joined Ampage live on stage as well as in the studio recording on the bands albums and music videos. In fact Jeff Conaway produced all of the MTV videos for Ampage in the 1990’s.

Ampage has just released a new album produced by Duane Baron (Ozzie, Cheap Trick, Heart) “Ampage, Future Days Gone By”. This album is a collage of 15 songs, dating from 1997-2007. 10 years of Ampage including some new material. The band plans on a heavy tour schedule in the U.S. and Europe to support this album.

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