Andrew Freeman states BulletBoys original line-up reunion in works but one of them doesn’t want to do it

Andrew Freeman states BulletBoys original line-up reunion in works but one of them doesn’t want to do it

Current Lynch Mob and Last In Line, and former Lies, Deceit & Treachery [L.D.T.] frontman Andrew Freeman was recently interviewed by Henrik Halvardsson for Metal Central.

Freeman parted ways with Lies, Deceit & Treachery one day after his former bandmate / guitarist Mick Sweda went up on stage to play one song with current BulletBoys frontman Marq Torien at the Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California, USA on August 27, 2019. Lies, Deceit & Treachery consisted of Freeman along with three former BulletBoys members — Sweda, bassist Lonnie Vencent and drummer Jimmy D’Anda.

Freeman has since indicated on a number of occasions that an original BulletBoys line-up is in the works. On August 29th, Freeman responded on a Sleaze Roxx Facebook thread to someone hoping that there would be a reunion of the original line-up with the comment “…there is one in the works.”

During the interview with Metal Central, Freeman advised (as translated by Google from Swedish to English and as per Halvarsson): “We had a gig planned in Canada. But we didn’t know if Lonnie could enter the country because of things that happened in the past. Canada is a difficult country to get into if you have anything on your police record. It had cost us a lot of money on air tickets and to take us to the airport just to find out that one of us would not be admitted into the country. We simply did not have that money. So it was decided that we would get a replacement on base. Jimmy and Mick couldn’t agree who would replace Lonnie so we had to cancel that gig. It was then that Mick ended up in the band. Since then, I have not communicated with him at all. He refused to let us continue with the name Lies, Deceit & Treachery. It was simply over. We were booked into one last show in Denver. The band wanted it to be our “goodbye show”. I never liked the idea. What did we say goodbye to? We had never really started. We would go there and play a bunch of BulletBoys cover songs! Meanwhile, our manager collaborated with Mick and someone from the BulletBoys camp to reunite the classic line-up of the band.”

Freeman went on to state: “Yeah! A real reunion of the classic BulletBoys line-up is happening right now.” When specifically asked whether the only obstacle to the reunion is an original member who doesn’t want to do it, Freeman replied: “Yes.”

In terms of how he found out about it, Freeman advised: “We were out with Lynch Mob on tour in early August and Jimmy [who plays with Freeman in Lynch Mob] got calls about being part of the reunion. So Mick quits our band [Lies, Deceit & Treachery] to be part of another band [BulletBoys] he promised never to be part of again…”.

The original BulletBoys line-up of Torien, Sweda, Vencent and D’Anda did reunite for a show at The Key Club in Hollywood, California, USA back on December 30, 2011 but the reunion was short-lived. Sweda explained why in an interview what he did with Tyson Briden for Sleaze Roxx back in April 2018. Sweda was asked if there was talk of doing more shows or just one to which the guitarist replied: “No, there was talk. There was an agreement that when we came down to do the show, we would discuss Marq relinquishing control of the name and control of the band. Basically he’s running it into the ground. So we wanted to try to sort of revive the brand and make it cool, but he couldn’t do it. He likes controlling three guys that aren’t BulletBoys. He wants to be BulletBoy!”

You can read the interview (in Swedish) with Andrew Freeman at Metal Central’s website.