Androids’ ‘Let It All Out’ Album Finally Coming To CD


March 3, 2008

Androids were one of the biggest hidden secrets of the late 80’s hard rock scene in all of Europe. Androids mixed their influences from Van Halen to Aerosmith to as far as Deep Purple. Haunted by really bad luck from their previous record label, Androids never even had a chance to make it abroad. In Finland, Androids had a couple of hit singles, the first being the catchy rocker “Same As You”. “Same As You” came with a matching video that was played over and over on national television between 1987-88. Androids other hit was an acoustic ballad called “When The Sun Turns To Rain” which won a national T.V. Show called “Levyraati” over Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart”.

Androids one and only album “Let It All Out” was released exclusively in Finland and Spain. “Let It All Out” was only ever released on cassette tape and L.P. The “Let It All Out” album was due to be released in Japan but due to the financial problems occurring with the record company at the time, things fell through.

To me the Androids sound like a Treat/Europe mix with a singer that is a dead ringer for Mike Tramp of White Lion fame. So if you are into any of that classic European Hard Rock/AOR, these guys are definitely for you. “Let It All Out” was also recorded in the best sound studio in Sweden and subsequently has floorless production.

Suncity Records will be releasing the Androids album “Let It All Out” in its entirety and of course a few little tweaks from our sound engineers to give the album that final polish.

In the meantime, click here to listen to the first track featured off the upcoming Androids album, the monster track entitled “N.Y.C.”


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