Angel Talk members reveal their future music plans and how they came up with their band name

Angel Talk members reveal their future music plans and how they came up with their band name

Angel Talk consisting of frontman Matt Nardo (Leviathan Project), bassist Dave Weakley (Roughhouse, Teeze), guitarist Tommy Krash (ex-Britny Fox) and drummer James Nathan Lowe have just released their debut single “Crazy” via the Zelly Entertainment Group.

Promo photo courtesy of the Zelly Entertainment Group

Sleaze Roxx caught up with Nardo, Weakley and Krash to find out a little more about their new band.

In terms of how Angel Talk came to be, Weakley indicated: “Matt plays along side of me in my band Weakley, and we have been great friends for quite a while. He asked if I would be interested in being a part of this. Considering my past, this style of music is in my blood so it was a no brainer to work with friends and play fun music. I just love playing music whether it’s jazz, [Dave] Bowie, rock n roll or anything in between.”

Nardo added: “I am a sucker for great melodies and acrobatic guitar styles [laughs]! Tommy and I had a few songs kicking around and wanted to see if we could capture the spirit of some of our favorite bands like Vain, Killer Dwarfs, Badlands, etc… We all have the capability to record at home so it’s easier than ever to share ideas. Asking Dave seemed natural considering his history in Teeze and Roughhouse. Plus, we’re all great friends and have collaborated on different songs and projects in the last few years.”

Matt and I are fans of 80’s guitar players,” Krash added. “[Warren] DeMartini, Jake E Lee, [George] Lynch and the list goes on. Something about the riffs and the tone of their guitar inspires us. Angel Talk is a great vehicle to explore that writing and playing style. Dave and James are great friends, incredible players and just so easy to work together.”

With respect to how they came up with the band name Angel Talk, Nardo advised: “Names are impossible to come up with!  Tommy said something about Body Talk [Ratt song] and after going over a handful of ideas, we came up with Angel Talk. Kind of a nod to Angel, the ’70s glam band and the Ratt song I suppose. At least that’s what I’m sticking to [laughs]!” Krash piped in: “I believe it was on our list and was not taken. I thought Nardo would have been great considering it’s Matt’s last name! But, there are like five or six Nardo’s out there so that’s that.”

Regarding Angel Talk‘s future music plans, Nardo stated: “The plan is to release a new song every month or so to the streaming outlets. Just to build some interest and see where it goes. We discussed re-recording an old Teeze or Roughhouse song or maybe a Gun Shy song from Tommy’s past. Tommy and I are busy recoding the new Leviathan Project record. A lot more ears will be on that just because of [Tim] “Ripper” [Owens] and Vinny Appice so we gotta make sure it’s the best it can be. Angel Talk is just a great way to have fun writing and playing some cool guitar. We do take the writing serious but at the same time there are no expectations. We’ll see where it takes us.”

Krash revealed: “We are doing one song at a time. It’s been said a million times but with the music industry in its current state, there is no right or wrong way to approach releasing music. Matt and Dave are very busy with the Weakley band, and Matt and I also are in Leviathan Project so I’m not worried about putting a full album out at this point with Angel Talk. Honestly approaching it like this is refreshing. Very low stress.”

Weakley chimed in: “I am up for doing whatever. As I mentioned, I just love playing bass. We all played in American Sugar Bitch years ago so the chemistry is still there in the writing. With Angel Talk, there is a very specific focus on the style of music so I’m excited to see how this progresses.”

Angel Talk‘s “Crazy” single: