Angel ‘White Hot’ Promo From 1978 Unearthed To Promote Hard Rock Auctions

Angel ‘White Hot’ Promo From 1978 Unearthed To Promote Hard Rock Auctions

February 24, 2011

33-year old, unreleased, promotional footage of Angel, originally intended to be used in the promotion of their 1978 album White Hot, has surfaced to promote a series of Melodic Rock themed auctions from eBay seller EliteWorks —

Several one-off ANGEL collectables are featured in the auctions, including several signed albums, a photo collection once owned by original bassist Mickie Jones, paperwork for the unreleased concert film Angel At Midnight, vintage promotional only product from Casablanca Records, a rare 1977 test pressing LP, import singles, tour books, baseball cards, and even Angel’s lone U.S. cover story from Performance Magazine.

Additionally, vintage memorabilia from Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick, Poison, the New York Dolls, STYX, Danzig, The Donnas, Marilyn Manson, The Black Crows; 1960s artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Jeff Beck, The Faces, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Blue Cheer, lesser known cult acts such as Brownsville Station, The Producers, Legs Diamond, Trapeze, Slaughter, KEEL, Black ‘N Blue, Warlock/Doro Pesch, Redd Kross and even New York underground 1970s glam bands like The Brats, Teenage Lust, and Rags are also featured among this week’s 70 auctions which may be seen here:

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