Angels In Vein had to abandon ‘The Devil You Know’ band name

Angels In Vein had to abandon ‘The Devil You Know’ band name

Chris Van Dahl photoNew sleaze rock group Angels In Vein‘s singer Chris VanDahl recently revealed in a video interview (see below) with Decibel Geek that the group was going to call itself The Devil You Know but had to change its plans just before launching its new website.

VanDahl told Decibel Geek: “Originally we were going to call the band “The Devil You Know” and I went after that. Then, literally the day I was going to launch the website, two guys one from Killswitch Engage and another big band released that they had formed a band called “The Devil You Know” and I said WHAT!” VanDahl went on to state: “I was doing some research and came across a passage that ended with angels and the next sentence was hyphen and then “in vain” and it stuck with me. Then I thought why don’t we spin it and instead of vain we go with vein because what we do comes from inside us.”

Wikipedia states the following about the group Devil You Know: “Devil You Know is an American metalcore supergroup formed in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 2012. They currently are signed to Nuclear Blast Records and have released two albums; The Beauty of Destruction and They Bleed Red.” Current band members are listed as Howard Jones (lead vocals), Francesco Artusato (guitars) and Ryan Wombacher (bass, vocals).

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Sleaze Roxx previously conducted a two-part interview with Angels In Vein‘s VanDahl and guitarist Stacey Blades.

In Part 1, the duo commented on their hope to do Angels In Vein on a full-time basis:

Angels In Vein photoBlades stated: “I think that we will start kind of doing this full-time towards fall. Chris has got some other stuff. I’ve got some ‘Let It Rawk’ stuff. But it’s exciting as this is just kind of cultivating fast and it’s really cool because you know, everybody has done their new projects and things like that but there’s something really magical that is happening with this thing. I think that it has taken everybody by surprise so I would say to the fans and stuff like that, ‘Yeah. I can see this in the next two to three months being definitely a full-time thing.'”

VanDahl commented: “Yeah. I agree with that. I think that everybody has been taken by surprise to some extent. When we launched it, we didn’t expect or anticipate the response to be what it is. So now, it’s like we have loose ends. All the guys in the band have other things that they have been doing up to this point so we need to tie up these loose ends so that we can focus on this and make it our singular priority. You know, everybody gigs and they have their thing but like I said before, it’s really about demand man. If people want this and they love it and they are there to support it, then that is going to dictate what we are able to dedicate to it. We are all hoping for this to become just that. That’s the only thing that we have to worry about or focus on I should say.”

In Part 2, VanDahl spoke about the group consisting of “replacement players” when he stated: “All the replacement guys are the stray bullets, as I like to call us, that have come together — with the exception of maybe Eric Stacy who was in Faster Pussycat from the very beginning and contributed greatly to that — have come together and said, ‘Alright. This is ours.’ People are going to be pleasantly surprised, if not blown away, by what they’re getting.”