Angels In Vein singer Chris VanDahl criticizes people bashing him for looking like Steven Tyler

Aeromyth (Aerosmith tribute band)

Angels In Vein singer Chris VanDahl criticizes people bashing him for looking like Steven Tyler

Angels In Vein frontman Chris VanDahl pays his bills and makes a living by paying tribute to one of the great singers in rock n’ roll — Steven Tyler — by playing the role of the singer in both Legends In Concert and Aeromyth.

Sleaze Roxx recently posted an article which essentially outlined VanDahl‘s status update pertaining to Angels In Vein. Sleaze Roxx used a promo photo of VanDahl as Tyler but unfortunately, there were some needless negative comments from readers both on the Sleaze Roxx website and Facebook page pertaining to VanDahl‘s similarities looks wise to Tyler.

Aeromyth consists of Chris VanDahl (ex-L.A. Guns, Angels In Vein) as Steven TylerFrankie Wilsey (Arcade, ex-Sea Hags) as Joe PerryNeal Shelton as Brad WhitfordTony Cavazo (Hurricane, Snow) as Tom Hamilton and Joey Grillo as Joey Kramer.

VanDahl posted the following Facebook post earlier today to address those negative comments:

“Hey all, I feel the need to clear something up. Sleaze Roxx recently quoted a post I dropped on the page and that’s fine because they’ve always been great and I’m a big supporter of what they do. However, they chose to use a promo photo of me as Steven Tyler.

Aeromyth (Aerosmith tribute band)

Most of you probably know that I make my living for the most part paying tribute to Steven with both Legends In Concert and Aeromyth. Well I’ve worked hard to separate that part of my life from AIV, I’m sure as hell not embarrassed by it and I can’t think of a better way for a committed musician to make a living then by performing some of the best music ever written by one of the greatest bands that’s ever existed.

It’s not a difficult transition for me because let’s face it, we have very similar features, mannerisms etc. Having said that, there are a lot of idiots and haters out there that are just looking for an excuse to bash.

No doubt the majority are frustrated musicians who pump gas for money, live in their parents basement while getting high and dream about hitting the big time instead of actually working towards that goal.

This post for the most part is directed towards those people.

My point here is that sometimes in life there are things that you have to do that make it possible for you to do the ones that you want to do. In my case, I’m pretty fortunate that they work well together.

So, if you’ve got the time to make stupid and uninformed comments for no other reason than that it makes you feel better about yourself, maybe spend some time doing something productive for a change. Your life will be happier and you’ll have less time to make an ass out of yourself.

Thanks, Chris VanDahl