Angel’s Punky Meadows to release new solo album

Angel’s Punky Meadows to release new solo album

Angel guitarist Punky Meadows will be releasing his debut solo album entitled Fallen Angel on May 20, 2016 via MainMan Records.

Punky Meadows CD coverMeadows posted the following message earlier today on his Facebook page:

“Hey all my Facebook Friends and Fans. I’m very proud to announce that my Debut Solo Album “Fallen Angel” Will be released on May 20th on MainMan Records. You can now pre-order the regular addition and a special autographed limited addition at Mainman Records Link below. I’m Super Excited for you all to hear it!!!!! Thanks for all your continued support!!
ROCK ON!!!!!
Punky” provides the following editorial review for Fallen Angel (with slight edits):

Punky Meadows was best known for being the iconic lead guitarist of the 70’s band Angel on Casablanca records. Angel, like label mate KISS, were a huge theatrical band that while also being a headlining act in the US were also one of the biggest rock bands in Japan. Punky was a huge influence to many musicians for not only his great feel, tone and unique style of guitar playing, but also his rock star image that many have tried to emulate over the years. Angel released 6 albums on Casablanca before disbanding in 1981 due to the demise of Casablanca. During his career, Punky had been considered by well-known bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith, Punky Meadows photoNew York Dolls and Michael Bolton. Upon the disbanding of Angel, he occupied himself with successful business ventures while continuing to play guitar and write songs. Through social media, the fans have let him know that they want to hear from him and with his new found passion in music with close friend Danny Farrow Anniello, they have written 15 new songs for his solo album Fallen Angel. The songs are very melodic yet diverse with catchy choruses that stick with you. Punky is playing better than ever and it really shows on this timeless collection of music. Punky wants to bring the fans the best he has and Fallen Angel proves it.”

Track List on Fallen Angel:
01. Descent
02. The Price You Pay
03. Straight Shooter
04. Breathless And Jaded
05. Loaded Gun
06. Lost And Lonely
07. Home Wrecker
08. I Wanna Be Your Drug
09. Leavin Tonight
10. Searchin
11. Something Strange
12. Shadow Man
13. Shake Shake
14. Summertime Love
15. Fallen Angel