Angelsharkx release new album ‘Nevermind The Helldogs’

Angelsharkx release new album ‘Nevermind The Helldogs’

Berlin, Germany rockers Angelsharkx featuring singers Matt and Jazzmine have released a new studio album titled Nevermind The Helldogs.

Track List for Nevermind The Helldogs:
01. What Love Do You Want?
02. Save Hard Rock ‘N Roll
03. You Got To Get On Time
04. I Got The Devil To Pay
05. Nevermind The Helldogs
06. Bad Moon Run
07. She Is Just A Ghost
08. Truth Will Come Out To Light
09. Motorcycle Jesus
10. Down At The Bottom
11. Never Gonna Stop a Rock ‘N Roll Train
12. All This Is Love
13. Hooray For The Young Man Blues

With respect to Angelsharkx‘s sound, Matt is quoted on the band’s website as stating (with slight edits): “I think there are not so many bands anymore around trying to play this bluesy hard rock. The old heroes have gone and now some young guys are playing this kind of music again. That’s fine, but they often don’t know how to play blues anymore. We play music for a long time, but the Angelsharkx were just recently, in 2017, founded by Jazzmine and me as a straight alternative hard rock / classic rock and rock’n roll band.But we also have an own approach. Okay, the sound is grounded on oldschool hardrock, but we want to play it with a 21st century attitude and are working hard to develop our own style. And we wrote several songs that way, while some are traditional. We like this mixture.”

Angelsharkx‘s “I Got The Devil To Pay” video:

ANGELSHARKX – I got the devil to pay

“Finally a real and strong alternative Rock´n Roll band with a 70´s touch and a powerful protest-singer attitude.”Alternative Hardrock/ Bluesrock from Berlin…