Anvil have played more shows in last five to seven years than prior to in their entire career

Anvil have played more shows in last five to seven years than prior to in their entire career

Canadian heavy metal rockers Anvil‘s frontman Lips was recently interview by Alan Dixon from Canada’s The Metal Voice and asked about the status of a follow-up to the Anvil! The Story Of Anvil documentary as well as the impact that the documentary has had on the band.

With respect to the status of a follow-up Anvil documentary, Lips stated: “There has been talk and there has been filming but what’s going to happen, it’s just like the music business, you can write songs it doesn’t mean your making a record, it’s really the same thing. Who knows, let’s hope so. Is it going to make any difference to me personally? No, as far as I’m concerned the job is done, I’m not doing deliveries anymore. I’m in Anvil full time, I’m making a living. I got what I wanted. In essence I got the success I was looking for. All I wanted to do was make a living from my band . No we are not AC/DC and if you expected Anvil to be as big as AC/DC your on glue.”

In regard to how fame has changed the band since the documentary, Lips advised: “The things that come with fame are actually extraordinary people want to feel like they want to have an affect on you or they want to be part of it. There is a certain undertone of negativity. Somebody gets on Facebook, finds out who my wife is and writes a letter to my wife. telling her I am having an affair with somebody and it’s like what the hell’s that about? As it turns out it was some guy in a support band who was trying to get a gig and couldn’t get the gig and got pissed off at me so he goes and writes my wife saying I am having an affair. Because of fame stuff happens like that I didn’t do anything, I don’t know what I did to deserve it but somebody felt I deserved some kind of trouble, that’s is just one example.”

Lips continued: “The positive thing that has happened is I don’t have to go back to work and that I am actually making enough money on the tours to not go to work. We have done more shows in the last 5-7 years than we have in our entire career. It is the most popular we have ever been is now. Our audience has expanded mostly to young kids a new generation which is a big deal for an older band.”

With respect to issues in regard to past bassists, Lips candidly stated: “The new guy Chris Robertson has been with us for 4 years, we have been the most happy we have ever been. I think that the band is at the best shape it has ever been. no attitude problem. we have had situation with two bass players with attitude problem feeling that they are entitled. You get a guy joining our band and were selling promo pictures that we sign and he goes where is my money? I go wait a minute what are you doing to contribute to this did you pay for the photography, did you pay for the production of it? I’m making you famous, why are you asking me for money? That’s attitude. That’s entitlement.”

The Metal Voice‘s interview with Anvil frontman Lips:

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