Anvil to release new studio album on new label in January 2020

Anvil to release new studio album on new label in January 2020

Anvil‘s long-time members Lips (vocals, guitar) and Robb Reiner (drums) were recently interviewed by Alan Dixon for Canada’s The Metal Voice.

When asked about their new upcoming album and the musical direction, Reiner advised: “We have a new album that will be coming out January 2020. In term of musical direction the fans can expect more Anvil, it’s just a continuation of what we have been doing for the last 4-5 years. On this album there will be some very powerful riffs. It’s going to be more smashing, crushing Anvil.”

Lips added: “Of course also it’s fresh and new music but the roots are very much Anvil. Everybody who liked us before will still like us and people who didn’t like us  are still not going to like us. I am not going to tailor my music and songs to the people that don’t like us and hope that they will. I’m going to do the exact opposite. I think this new album has the best slow pounders and some of the best fast stuff we have ever done. We are trying to be different because you don’t want it to be the same cause then you are just repeating yourself and not being creative. If you don’t write hit singles and your not a pop band you have to stay relevant by writing great metal music that is suppose to be timeless and that is what we have been doing all of our lives. We are not catering to radio we are catering to metal fans and that is what we do.”

In terms of the new label that the new Anvil album will be on, Reiner indicated: “We have a new record deal and will be announced  soon.” Lips added: “Everything is going to be fresh, new and off to a new start and I think it will be a better start.  In the past the only thing that wasn’t connected to our management and our production team was the record deal.  Now I would say it is more in line with who our management  is sued to dealing with. Now everything is in the same camp.”

You can read those excerpts from the interview with Lips and Robb Reiner at The Metal Voice’s website or listen to the interview below.

Anvil Interview Lips & Robb Reiner Talk New Album Musical Direction-Release Jan 2020

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