Apocalyptic Lovers release live “raw” video of “Who The Hell Are You?”

Apocalyptic Lovers release live “raw” video of “Who The Hell Are You?”

“Arena rockers” Apocalyptic Lovers have released a live “raw” video with no overdubs for their song “Who The Hell Are You?” from their studio album Redemption Volume I.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the album:

Apocalyptic Lovers proclaim themselves as playing “arena rock” and I got to agree with them in that regard. They do what they do quite well. What I’d like to see is Kane take a grittier approach to his vocals which I think in turn would give a better contrast with the vocal harmonies provided by the rest of the band. I also think that guitarist Sean Magee‘s shackles should be  undone because the guy can really play but seems to be held back during most of the songs. Magee has the potential to be what George Lynch was to Dokken but on Redemption Volume I, we only seemingly get a little sampling of what the man can do.

Overall, Apocalyptic Lovers deliver a solid debut album filled with melodies and ’80s sounding songs. With a little more grit to Kane‘s vocals and an unleashed Magee, they have the potential to make Redemption Volume II a true classic.”

Apocalyptic Lovers‘ “Who The Hell Are You?” live “raw” video:

Who the Hell Are You – LIVE in the Raw

This is a LIVE and unedited performance of Who the Hell are You from the Apocalyptic Lovers. This video features George Allan/ Bass, Dave Hope / Drums. Rober…