Apocalyptic Lovers release ‘toy box version’ video for song “Dying Day”

Apocalyptic Lovers release ‘toy box version’ video for song “Dying Day”

“Arena rockers” Apocalyptic Lovers have released a ‘toy box version’ video for their song “Dying Day” from their studio album Redemption Volume I.

Apocalyptic Lovers‘ drummer David Hope described the video that was done by his wife on the group’s website. Hope stated the following about his wife and the video (with slight edits):

“Along with being the mother of five children and working full time, she is also working towards her masters degree. She is currently in a video production class and had to make a music video with certain parameters, so she asked me if she could use the song “Dying Day.” It’s my favorite song to play live, and maybe my favorite song on the entire album, so I was thrilled, but also curious about what was in her head. We were not playing live and really had no way of letting her shoot any video of us playing “Dying Day.”

For me, the idea was always to have a killer video for this tune in the vein of a 90s Pantera video, so I had tons of ideas for the visuals and not sure how she was going pull it off. She came to me with the idea of doing stop motion with a toy rock band along with live video of kids playing with them. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a bit to warm up to the idea. But honestly, sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are way, way outside of the box and that have humor. Once I wrapped my head around what she was doing, I tossed in a couple thoughts on what the Roblox band members could do, and she was off to the races. Stop motion video is so tedious, I could not believe how much work it took. I would never have the patience…

She got very creative with the children playing with the band members in the video to the point of the destruction of band members at times. Then the band comes to life and puts on a killer rock show with some very familiar moves. You might just see the Van Halen‘s “Best of Both Worlds” walk across the stage, a take on the Scorpions live pyramid, a homage to Queen, and even a special guest appearance by a certain hairy Star Wars character.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the album:

“So let’s talk about that last track because that’s the best one and where I find that Apocalyptic Lovers show their true potential. “Dying Day” has a killer guitar solo and Kane takes a seemingly more aggressive vocal approach, which gives the song a slightly — but welcome — grittier feel to what is otherwise some rather polished vocals for the rest of the tracks on the album. Frankly, I’d like to hear more of Kane with that slightly grittier approach. Kane in some ways reminds me of a cross between Stryper‘s Michael Sweet and Dokken‘s Don Dokken with his high vocal register.

Apocalyptic Lovers proclaim themselves as playing “arena rock” and I got to agree with them in that regard. They do what they do quite well. What I’d like to see is Kane take a grittier approach to his vocals which I think in turn would give a better contrast with the vocal harmonies provided by the rest of the band. I also think that guitarist Sean Magee‘s shackles should be  undone because the guy can really play but seems to be held back during most of the songs. Magee has the potential to be what George Lynch was to Dokken but on Redemption Volume I, we only seemingly get a little sampling of what the man can do.”

Apocalyptic Lovers‘ “Dying Day” video (toy box version):

Apocalyptic Lovers – Dying Day (toy box version)

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