Are Stryper calling it quits in the next few years?

Are Stryper calling it quits in the next few years?

Stryper photo 2Say it isn’t so. Stryper‘s frontman and leader Michael Sweet posted a message yesterday on his Facebook musician/band page, which was reposted on Stryper‘s Facebook page warning that the group might not be around that much longer.

The Facebook post states (with slight edits):

“I want to to encourage all of you to get out to a Stryper this year. I’m in no way, shape or form implying that we’re calling it quits after this tour BUT (that’s a big but), we certainly won’t be around for years to come. You never know what the future holds and what God’s plans are for any of us so my recommendation (if you’re a fan) is to get out and see the show.

We’re doing a “Fallen” set until September and then we go into a THWTD [To Hell With The Devil] set from Sep/Dec (with original outfits). Go to: and get tickets and better yet, pick up some VIP’s and you’ll be entered to win a Washburn guitar!!! We love hanging with people and to be honest, my favorite part of the tour is meeting all of you at the VIP’s.

See you soon and let’s rock 2016 like no other!

Stryper photoM”

The good news is that Stryper continue to tour and will be releasing at least one other album. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx last month, Michael Sweet stated: “We are excited about an acoustic album. We are going to record high quality acoustic versions of the fan favorites. No release date is set for that but we’re committed to making it happen. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback on acoustic versions of our songs. I play a lot of solo acoustic shows as well and at those shows, I typically play several of our bigger hits and I enjoy hearing these songs in a different light. Hopefully, the fans will too.”

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