Artificial Agent drop lyric video for single “Down And Out” from new album ‘Pop Culture Disruptor’

Artificial Agent drop lyric video for single “Down And Out” from new album ‘Pop Culture Disruptor’

Detroit, Michigan, USA rockers Artificial Agent consisting of Derek Jendza on lead vocals, Mike Elgert on guitar, Brad Jendza on bass and Karl Crafton on drums have unveiled a lyric video for their new single “Down And Out” from their latest studio album Pop Culture Disruptor, which was released on October 7, 2022. Artificial Agent‘s discography consists of Love Won’t Strangle Me (2011), Brain Grenade (2014), Programmed To Destroy (2017), Death Ray (2020) and Pop Culture Disruptor (2022).

Track List for Pop Culture Disruptor:
01. Pop Culture Disruptor
02. Down And Out
03. Off The Deep End
04. Heading For Disaster
05. No One Lies To Me
06. Do Or Die
07. Don’t Breathe
08. Tight Rope

Artificial Agent‘s press release indicates in part:

“Who usurped the king? Who toppled the crown from his head? Social climbers, elbow rub-bers, schmoozers & opportunists. But the pretender had no heart, only slick packaging…Now the rightful ruler has defiantly, and definitively spoken; and his mouthpiece is Artificial Agent! Taking aim at the bubblegum despot with their Pop Culture Disruptor, an angry and vengeful declaration of independence. The artful riffs and driving rhythms, captivate you. The relentless drum beats hunt you down, and trample you. Jagged and intense guitar solos make even the “air-guitarist’s” fingers bleed. The vocals throat-wrenching at times, like an angry prayer, yet vulnerable and contemplative: both sonnet and apocalypse.  Trashy at times, bratty at others, expect down-to-earth grass roots heavy metal rock-n-roll (wear your steel-toe boots while mowing). Surly and rebellious lyrics make this the score to your documentary of burning your boss in effigy!

Beating at 90 miles an hour, Artificial Agent‘s heart of rusted metal hemorrhages oil and spews acrid fumes.Pop Culture Disruptorwill hit you in the face like a tennis racquet strung with barbed-wire if you don’t bend the knee. Here’s Your Warning.”

Artificial Agent‘s “Down And Out” lyric video: