Artificial Agent release new album ‘Programmed To Destroy’

Artificial Agent release new album ‘Programmed To Destroy’

Detroit, Michigan, USA based rockers Artificial Agent have released a new studio album entitled Programmed To Destroy.

The following as posted on Artificial Agent‘s Facebook page back on June 12, 2017 in part:

“Hey AGENTS! We’ve been busy writing and recording a new batch of songs over the past few months. We’re happy to announce our new release “PROGRAMMED TO DESTROY” is out there ready for download and streaming. We’re working on getting the vinyl album completed, pressed in a dark transparent purple. We’d like to thank Mark Sarmel for the great cover artwork. And Tony Hamera, the fifth member behind the mixing board, gets MVP for making this album sonically insane!…”

Track List for Programmed To Destroy:
01. Devil In The White Dress
02. Bleed My Mind
03. Catastrophist
04. Begging For Your Blood
05. Attention Whore
06. I’d Rather Be Blind
07. Carousel
08. Tanglewood Drive
09. These Days Are Dangerous
10. Torched
11. Your Time Is Up
12. Tonight You’re A Killer

Artificial Agent‘s “Devil In The White Dress” song:

Devil In The White Dress by Artificial Agent

Devil In The White Dress is the NEW single by Artificial Agent. Devil In The White Dress appears on full length release PROGRAMMED TO DESTROY. Recorded at The Tempermill . Produced by Tony Hamera.