Artificial Agent release video for “Devil In The White Dress”

Artificial Agent release video for “Devil In The White Dress”

Detroit, Michigan, USA rockers Artificial Agent have released a video for their modern metal track “Devil In A White Dress” from their new studio album Programmed To Destroy.

The group’s press release states:

“Detroit hair metal rockers Artificial Agent continue to prove that their brand of rock and roll is as much about the music as it is about their energetic live show.

The new track “Devil in the White Dress” from their newly released album “Programmed to Destroy” is full of fist-pumping attitude. Like a wild rock-n-roll maestro, frontman Derek Jendza leads Artificial Agent in a blistering tune which stomps through as many rock and metal sub-genres as possible in one track. Guitarist Mike Elgert, bassist Brad Jendza and drummer Karl Crafton race between riff-heavy active rock to the hair-blowing posturing of acid-washed hit makers of the 1980s. The purple tone that looms over the video ties back to the transparent purple vinyl album that “Devil In the White Dress” opens on.

Filmed at the historic Masonic Temple in Detroit’s Cass Corridor – the world’s largest Masonic Temple – the video for “Devil in the White Dress” takes advantage of the spooky visuals from the building’s neo-Gothic architecture, which blends perfectly with Artificial Agent‘s black-red-and-dead color scheme.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Programmed To Destroy: “I really wanted to really like this album. I really tried to really like this album. I just haven’t been able to really get into this album. That’s my assessment of Artificial Agent‘s debut full-length studio album Programmed To Destroy in a nutshell. It’s not that the record is a bad one because there’s lots of positives to take from the songs. Perhaps my expectations were too high going in.

A lot of it has to do with the overall tones of the guitar(s) on the album. The guitar seems to have this clanging modern-ish sound to it which mostly annoys me each time that I listen to Programmed To Destroy. It really detracts me from enjoying a lot of the songs on the record even though most are well crafted and have some good melodies.”

Artificial Agent‘s “Devil In A White Dress” video:

Artificial Agent – “Devil in the White Dress” OFFICIAL VIDEO ©2017

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