Asphalt Valentine bassist Victor Adriel to replace Chris Taylor for two upcoming Kickin Valentina shows

Asphalt Valentine bassist Victor Adriel to replace Chris Taylor for two upcoming Kickin Valentina shows

The show must go on. Bassist Chris Taylor will be missing two upcoming Kickin Valentina shows due to some personal issues outside the band that he needs to take care of. Asphalt Valentine bassist Victor Adriel will fill in for Taylor for those two upcoming shows. Kickin Valentina are scheduled to play the Brauer House in Lombard, Illinois, USA on September 10, 2021 and The Token Lounge (opening for Slaughter) in Westland, Michigan, USA on September 12, 2021.

The following message was posted on Kickin Valentina‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hey guys, Chris here. The band is looking forward to the upcoming shows in Chicago and Detroit. Unfortunately, I will not be playing these 2 shows because I have some personal issues I have to deal with outside of the band. Don’t worry, I’m good…the band is good, and I’ll be back after these shows. Our friend Victor Adriel from Asphalt Valentine will be filling in for me. So make sure to show him some love and make him feel welcome. We really appreciate him stepping up to help us out. 🤘

This is not the first time that an Asphalt Valentine member has temporarily filled in for Kickin Valentina. Asphalt Valentine frontman Joe Flynt played a number of shows with Kickin Valentina when the latter’s lead vocalist abruptly decided not to play with the group at its scheduled Bang Your Head Festival gig, which led to his demise from the band.

Kickin Valentina are playing shows in support of their new studio album The Revenge of Rock, which has received rave reviews including one from Sleaze Roxx which stated:

“Overall, this is a darn good American hard rock album with a little bit of folksy southern swagger, a whole lot of in your face sleaze, and a rawness that gives the songs and the sound more of an edge. The other album I got, Wig Wam‘s Never Say Die, is also a fantastic album. But, it is much more of a polished and slick sound. Kickin Valentina‘s new album sounds great but kept a little of that raw vibe and grit which, for me, puts it over the top as the one I’m listening to more. The mix of D.K. Revelle‘s hard to describe vocal approach, which is a little different on every song and Heber Pampillon‘s guitar work, which is nothing short of superb, really drives this band. The lyrics, while more loose lipped with swear words than most in my collection, fit the sound and cut through the bull and connect with you. What I mean is, you don’t just hear pretty little words that rhyme. You feel what they wanted you to feel. That isn’t easy to do. But, they’ve done it here! Total home run. Highly recommend!”

Kickin Valentina‘s “War” video (from The Revenge of Rock album):