Atomic Riot’s debut full-length self-titled album now available

Atomic Riot’s debut full-length self-titled album now available

Aussie party rockers Atomic Riot consisting of frontman Ash Lightning, guitarists Drew Surh and Alex Richmond, bassist Tommy Sunset and drummer Nick Caligula have released their debut full-length self-titled album. Atomic Riot previously released a four-song self-titled EP in 2017.

Track List for Atomic Riot:
01. Dance With The Devil
02. Summer Fling
03. Get Ya Kicks
04. Stone Sugar
05. Ridin’ Into The Night
06. Flavour of The Month
07. Night Cappin’
08. Warpath
09. No Rest If Ya Wanna Get Wicked
10. Lovable Rogue
11. Apoca-Lips

The following message was posted on Atomic Riot‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Dear Our most excellent friends,

It’s with great pleasure we introduce you to our first, fully, full on, fk’n ALBUM!!⚡⚡⚡

Engineered/mixed by Chris Themelco @monolithstudiosmelbourne
Mastered By Voya Milutinovic @moravaaudio
Artwork by @ash_lightning

We know you’ve been waiting a long time, so what the fuck are you waiting for? feast on the spoils of a 3 year journey!!!

Meant to be played VERY LOUD!!

Much love from your Radlords: Drew, Alex, Tommy, Nick and Ash🤘🏻🧡💜🤘🏻

***Warning*** may cause feelings of extreme euphoria and intoxication as well as involuntary head spasms

Available on all streaming platforms😘😘

Atomic Riot‘s “Dance With The Devil” single: