Audio recording of Van Halen with Mitch Malloy singing “Why Can’t This Be Love”

Audio recording of Van Halen with Mitch Malloy singing “Why Can’t This Be Love”

An audio recording of Van Halen playing “Why Can’t This Be Love” with singer Mitch Malloy handling the vocals has been posted on Malloy‘s YouTube page.

It is indicated as follows: “Mitch Malloy first day joining Van Halen live sessions at 5150.”

Back in January 2016, Sleaze Roxx posted an interview done by Ruben Mosqueda with Malloy in March / April 2015 where the singer spoke about his stint in Van Halen: “Yeah, that was documented on the ‘Mitch Malloy Van Halen’s Lost Boy’ which is up on YouTube. It’s true I was in Van Halen. I’ll give you the short version. A guy by the name of Steve Hoffman — he used to my road manager — he went on to work for Ray Daniels who started managing Van Halen at that time. I was told that Eddie [Van Halen] had come in and he wanted to get rid of Sammy [Hagar]. There were a lot of issues with Sammy. There was a lot of friction and they started talking about replacing Sammy. Steve says “I know a guy that could replace Sammy. His name is Mitch Malloy. I used to manage him.” This was in 1996. I received a phone call from Eddie to fly out to L.A. at 5150 and ‘hang out’ with him and the band. I spent a few days in LA. It was amazing and surreal. Our time concluded with Ed saying, “Congratulations! You’re in the band.” I was ecstatic! Can you imagine [laughs]?!

As I’m getting ready to leave, Ed hands me a tape of an instrumental of the band. Ed says,“Turn this into a song.” I wrote the lyrics and laid down vocals and the song is called “It’s the Right Time.” You’ve probably heard an excerpt of it on YouTube [see below]. I was in the band and the next thing I know, I see Ed and the guys on MTV with David Lee Roth! I was floored! I wound up leaving because there were certain things that didn’t happen and I just didn’t feel right about it. They didn’t reunite with Roth — enter Gary Cherone.”

Van Halen with Mitch Malloy singing “Why Can’t This Be Love”:

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Van Halen‘s “Why Can’t This Be Love” video:

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