Aussie rockers Black Aces raising funds for Europe tour

Aussie rockers Black Aces raising funds for Europe tour

Aussie hard rockers Black Aces are getting ready to embark on a tour of Europe and are raising funds in that regard via a Pozible campaign.

Black Aces posterThe Black Aces‘ Pozible campaign states:

“Gday folks, the lads from Black Aces here.

As you may know, we’ve been sloggin it out hard touring around Australia for past few years, hit pub and club, and anywhere in between, bringing our brand of rock’n’roll to each and everyone of you. Earlier this year, dropped our debut album ‘Shot In The Dark‘ and we thought now is the perfect time to make the leap and push Black Aces on the far reaches of the globe. That’s right we are jetting off for the UK and Europe.

First up we will be undertaking the twenty five date “Aussie Wrecking Crew” tour across Europe and the UK with fellow Aussie rockers Massive and Tequila Mockingbyrd. Then we’ll be peeling off for some dates of our own on the continent followed by a return to the UK for Hard Rock Hell.

The cost of dropping tools and jetting off the to other side of the globe ain’t going to come cheap. Estimates put the cost of the tour sitting at approximately 18-20 grand. Each of us are taking time out from our day jobs over the course of the touring period, so that means we won’t have any income coming in, and as we are footing the bill for all the touring costs, this will really hit the hip pocket. So, we are looking to you guys and girls, the many great fans we have had the pleasure meeting, playing for, and of course sharing a beer with, to help us out a bit and maybe chip in a few bucks.

We’ve got some great stuff up for grabs including a few rare one of a kind Aces items, signed albums, postcards from the road, framed artwork, a bloody BBQ cooked by us for you and a few mates, and even the test back patch from the ‘Shot In The Dark‘ album cover! Something for everyone! So, if you like something you see, and you can spare a fiver or two, help us take Aussie bloody rock n roll to the world!

Black Aces banner

How The Funds Will Be Used

Estimates put the cost of the tour sitting at approximately $18-20 thousand. All funds raised via this campaign will go towards the costs associated with the tour. As we said above, we are chipping in for the bulk of the costs ourselves, but we hope to raise some funds to subsidize some these costs.

Balck Aces jacketHere’s a rough breakdown of costs:
Flights to Berlin x 4 @ $1000 each = $4000
Passport/Visa fees = $2000
Van/Trailer hire = $4500
Petrol/Tolls = $2500
Accommodation = $3600
Equipment purchase/hire = $2000
Insurance = $500
Food on the road ($10 each per day) = $900

The Challenges

The major challange will be the finances. We are an indepenndent act and are footing the brunt of the costs ourselves. Each of us are taking considerable time off from our day jobs to undertake this tour which will further hit the hip pocket.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Black Aces‘ last album Shot In The Dark released early this year: “Whether Black Aces borrow too heavily from their counterparts Airbourne or not, one thing is for sure. Black Aces are very good at what they do and that is play straight up ass kicking and faster paced AC/DC influenced rock n’ roll. Considering that Airbourne are one of the best bands to have come out in the last decade, having another band that plays similar type rock n’ roll is cause for celebration! If you like Airbourne, you are most likely going to love Black Aces‘ Shot In The Dark.”

Black Aces‘ “Girl Like You” video:

BLACK ACES – Girl Like You (Official Video)

‘Girl Like You’ lead single off Black Aces debut album ‘Shot In The Dark’.**********************************************Get ‘Shot In The Dark’ now…PHYSICAL…