Aussie rockers The Guilty release video for “Rock On”

Aussie rockers The Guilty release video for “Rock On”

Australia based The Guilty have released a video for their song “Rock On” which features Scott Pendlebury and Alan Harpley as well as “the beautiful” Sally.

Guilty CD coverSpeaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx, The Guilty‘s “guitarist Scotty Gregory stated: “We originally recorded “Rock On” earlier this year, and did a re-worked, polished up version a few weeks later, which is the version used in the video. We wanted to write a song that said what we were about, and also to capture our attitude to life — no matter what’s going on, look around you and the people in your life and that you care about, and rise above and rock on! We wanted to write a rock anthem. The guitar lick was very bluesey, and we wanted a real Aussie pub rock feel to the whole thing, with gritty, down and dirty vocals to fit in with that feel.”

In terms of the video itself, Gregory advised Sleaze Roxx that: “For the video we thought we’d get a beautiful girl [Sally Shelly H], because you can never go wrong with a beautiful girl, right? The venue is Twin Peeks, a lingerie nightclub in Sydney. We thought that would be an intimate and appropriate setting for the track. Our video guy, Boris Zemljacenko from BZfilmco, went for a black and white finish for atmosphere and simplicity, and he worked his unique angles into it. In the video, the girl is up there with us, and then the band kicks on with the rest of the song, kind of saying ‘Hey life and rock are there to be lived, and grabbed hold of, the light and the dark, the black and the white.'”

The Guilty released their album Guilty As Charged back on October 26, 2015 and Sleaze Roxx stated in its review: “If all the song parts were as good as the verses in ” My Misery”, Guilty As Charged would be one heck of a debut album. The first four songs on Guilty As Charged have a real rock n roll swagger and recklessness to them and they for the most part work well. Although the songs initially conjure images of straight up in your face rock n roll, only two of the eight songs clock under four minutes and three last over five minutes each. Given the length of the songs, it is not surprising that they have some nuances to them. Atic will never be hailed as singer of the year but his rough and tumble delivery fits the songs well.”

The Guilty‘s “Rock On” video:

The Guilty-Rock On(Alex Atic Vocals/Lyrics-Scotty Gregory All Instruments and backing vocals)

The Guilty with special guests the talented Scott Pendlebury and Alan Harpley, the beautiful Sally Huang (choreography,dance and design) Filmed and produced …