featuring the Killer Dwarfs drummer on lead vocals to release new song “Street Urchin” featuring the Killer Dwarfs drummer on lead vocals to release new song “Street Urchin”

All Music & All Bands: National & Worldwide recently interviewed the Killer Dwarfs‘ long-time drummer and lead vocalist Darrell “Dwarf” Millar.

noted that Millar became the frontman in the ’70s style rock and roll band Automan, which released three albums ( in 2005, Pocket Change in 2008 and Backseat Surprise in 2012). When asked whether Automan had any intentions of recording another album, Millar advised: “Automan is my pride and joy and a big achievement to step out from behind the kit and be the Front Man. Love the guys in the band. Carleton Lockhart and myself wrote all the Automan songs and I’m proud of all the tracks. Another life long goal to be a singer/songwriter. The band is back touring again now after a 4 year lay off. Same line up since 2004. Yes I could see new music coming once again. There is one track that will be released in the near future. Its called Street Urchin. All Rights Reserved Unkledunk Records 2017.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Millar at All Music & All Bands: National & Worldwide’s Facebook site.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of‘s Pocket Change album: “If you prefer your rock n’ roll to be hard-driving with loud guitars and a thunderous rhythm section topped of with a singer that personifies all things sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, then look no farther than the full-length debut of entitled Pocket Change. Imagine if Bon Scott ever had a band with Chuck Berry and Jeff Beck on guitars along with Led Zeppelin‘s rhythm section and that is what you will find with‘s debut….

So, if you are a fan of good time, down and dirty rock music then this release is for you. Pocket Change is full of killer riffs, pounding rhythms, tasty hooks and lyrics full of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll… I don’t see this album leaving my CD player for a long while!”