Aviator Shades Streaming New Single Online

Aviator Shades Streaming New Single Online

August 19, 2013

Canadian rockers Aviator Shades are streaming their new single “Ready To Blow” online, and will offer it as a free download beginning August 26th.

“The release of our new EP has been delayed until the new year,” said the band in a statement, “but in the meantime to whet your appetites a little, we have decided to stream the opening track “Ready To Blow” on the SoundCloud this week and make the track available for download as of Monday August 26th on iTunes. We have worked super hard on this EP with our awesome producer Danny Craig of Default and are stoked to let you all hear this track.”

Born out of the musical passion and talent of singer/bassist Dave Gorman, his drive would lead him to relocate from his native Ireland, to the shores of Western Canada. While still being able to perform with working, yet ultimately temporary, line-ups, the first step towards a concrete group was taken with the acquisition of Jesse Waldron to fill the drum throne. The two undertook endless guitar auditions, finally finding the perfect pair in George Baker and Shaun Michael Thackeray. Although they had never met, the undeniable, perhaps eerie, chemistry of Baker and Thackeray melded perfectly with the thundering rhythms of Gorman and Waldron. Continuous rehearsals and gigs developed the four into an explosive, honed powerhouse.

The band’s self-titled EP was released on April 30th, 2012, and can be purchased at aviatorshades.bandcamp.com

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