Axl Rose Falls On His Ass In Liverpool

Axl Rose Falls On His Ass In Liverpool

May 21, 2012

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose took a tumble while exiting the stage during the band’s May 20th show in Liverpool, England. Guns N’ Roses are currently touring the UK with Thin Lizzy. Fan filmed footage of the mishap can be viewed below.

Earlier this month Rose suffered a severe bruising to his left leg after a wild weekend in Russia.

The “Welcome To The Jungle” singer took to to show fans a picture of his suspected hematoma, which occurs when blood pools under the skin. He captioned the shot, “Can U say HemaToma?!”

It is believed the Guns N’ Roses star was hurt after partying with his bandmates following shows in Moscow on Friday and Saturday. A source told Britain’s The Sun, “Axl needed attention for a nasty leg injury after a suspected fall.”

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