Axl Rose Recalls Groupie Romps


August 22, 2008

Rock wildman Axl Rose held debauched sex parties at his home – with all female visitors ordered to “get naked or leave”.

The Guns N’ Roses singer recalls how teenage groupies would show up unannounced at all hours of the day or night – and he and his bandmates would immediately seduce them.

In a new biography, Watch You Bleed, Rose tells author Stephen Davis, “There was a lot of indoor and outdoor sex. People would show up at all hours and we’d talk the girls into climbing into our loft, and somebody would hit the light and go, ‘All right!… Get naked or leave!’

According to New York gossip column PageSix, one teenage temptress slept with most of the band and their road crew – and returned two days later claiming to be pregnant.

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