Axl Rose’s “Chinese Democracy” Tirade: Sebastian Bach Tells All


June 23, 2008

In light of the Guns n’ Roses leak last week — nine tracks that may or may not be the near-final version of Chinese Democracy — Rolling Stone dialed up Axl Rose pal and collaborator Sebastian Bach to gain some insight into where Rose now stands with the extremely delayed LP. For the full story, see the next issue (out later this week). For now, here’s Bach recalling what happened the time he suggested Rose just put out Democracy:

“There’s only a couple of times he’s ever gotten mad at me. One of them was when I let Ron Jeremy in his dressing room. He didn’t like that at all. ‘Why the fuck did you let Ron Jeremy in my dressing room?’ I was like, dude, he was begging. That wasn’t a good time for me. Axl goes from zero to 60 faster than any hemi engine, I’ll tell you that. When we were first hanging out in 2006, we were just standing around a bunch of people. I go, ‘Axl, do you think you might get the record out? It would be a great time, now that we’re on tour and everything.’ He goes, ‘Oh. Great! Everybody! Sebastian has a great idea here, man. Guess what? Sebastian, should I put out a record? Maybe it would be a good idea for me to put out a fucking record! Hey everybody, listen to this! I never thought of that! That never came to me! Oh, great idea dude.’ I felt like Fred Flintstone in Mr. Slate’s office.

“Another thing that I don’t know you’ll ever see is a Axl Rose reality show. When I see that shit, I laugh. Here’s the only other time that he got made at me. I had just finished shooting Supergroup for VH1. It was on TV in America while we were gallivanting across Europe. We had a beautiful dinner at some incredible Italian restaurant. We are sitting there and I go, ‘Dude, I just shot this reality show for VH1 and they paid me this amount of money, man. It was fucking easy. It was only like two weeks. It was hilarious. Axl, if they paid me this amount of money, they’d pay you like a million bucks for 10 days of some shit.’ He’s looking at me with this look on his face and he’s all quiet and he goes, ‘Sebastian, you don’t understand.’ I go, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘I will pay VH1 $2 million to leave me the fuck alone!’ I would bet my life you won’t be seeing the Axl Rose reality TV show.

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