Babyjane Launch “Are You Listening” Music Video

Babyjane Launch “Are You Listening” Music Video

August 13, 2011

Australian hard rockin’ band Babyjane have launched their firstofficial video clip, for the single “Are You Listening”, the title track off their recently released debut album.

“Man, we hope everyone out there enjoys this clip as much as we enjoyedmaking it”, said Babyjane drummer Nik Kats.

The clip shows the band performing with their trademark infectious energy,first to an empty courtyard where they air the frustrations of the song’slyrics, then performing in front of a crowd of hundreds at their albumlaunch and revelling in the audience response.

This will be the first of many videos to appear on Babyjane’s YouTubechannel — — over the next couple of months. As well as electrifyingperformances of their debut album tracks, stay tuned to the channel towitness some acoustic performances of many of their songs as well as somesurprise covers, including a revelatory acoustic interpretation of theW.A.S.P. classic “Wild Child”.

Babyjane’s album ‘Are You Listening’, mixed by Michael Wagener, is available, CD Baby, Impulse Music or digitallythrough Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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