Babyjane Streaming New Track Featuring John Corabi

Babyjane Streaming New Track Featuring John Corabi

December 3, 2012

Babyjane, Australia’s most explosive hard rock act, released their new album ‘Make It Sick’ on November 16th and is available for purchase at

One-time Motley Crue and Union singer John Corabi makes a screaming guest appearance on the title track.

When asked how John Corabi became involved in the upcoming album, Babyjane drummer Nik Kats told, “Once we hit the studio in May 2012 to record with Michael Wagener he gave us Corabi’s details because he knew how much of a fan we are of him and that Motley Crue record he made. So I basically contacted him and had a chat on the phone and we started talking about bands and the Crue and then asked him to come on down to say hi to Michael, have a listen to our album, and grab some lunch. Being the awesome guy that he is he just said, “yes, sounds cool, I’ll see ya soon.” So he rocks up, comes in and has a listen and then we just asked if he’d like to sing on a song. So he goes in to the vocal booth and just starts screaming his ass off and I can tell you that his voice has gotten better with time. We’re all standing in the control room with these big smiles on our faces not believing what was going on, but he was just one cool mother fuker!”

Babyjane unleashed their debut scorcher ‘Are You Listening’ in 2011. Their 11 track second album, ‘Make It Sick’, was recorded in Nashville with Michael Wagener taking the reigns from start to finish — the end result is what one industry-insider has described as “the most balls-to-the-wall rock album since Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite For Destruction'”.

Featuring a sound only a world-class producer can muster, hugely hooky tracks like “Bad Woman” and “Ruby Roulette”, and a well-oiled 4-piece band behind it, ‘Make It Sick’ is a hard rock classic.

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