Babylon A.D. announce new drummer Dylan Soto and departure of founding member Jamey Pacheco

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Babylon A.D. announce new drummer Dylan Soto and departure of founding member Jamey Pacheco

Babylon A.D. have a new rhythm section as drummer Dylan Soto and bassist Craig Pepe are now bandmates with frontman Derek Davis and guitarists John Matthews and Ron Freschi. Soto replaces founding member Jamey Pacheco while Pepe takes the vacant spot from another founding member Robb Reid.

The following message was made by Pacheco via Babylon A.D.‘s Facebook page back on June 1, 2023:

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“Dear Babylon A.D. Friends, Family, and Fans:

Today, I announce my official departure from the Babylon A.D. band. In December 2019, I published an informal notice of my separation. News that my 37-year affiliation was soon to end was broadcast in interviews, press releases, and by word of mouth. This is to honor our shared B.A.D. legacy, as I exit this part of my life and move forward with new creative ventures.

As a founding B.A.D. member, I want to thank each and every one of you for your gracious support, love, and kindness over the decades. The B.A.D. journey brought many triumphs, as our creative collaboration built an enduring fan base and we signed with Arista Records in the 1980s. Our legacy evolved as we toured the globe, recorded original music, and etched a lasting signature in rock & roll history.

I want to thank my band members, past management, record companies, producers, crew, and promoters for their support of Babylon A.D. over three and a half decades.

To B.A.D.’s new drummer, Dylan Soto, congratulations! As I pass you the torch, I wish the best of luck to you, mate, enjoy the ride. Hit me up if you ever want to discuss anything B.A.D. I’m sure you will thrive.

In 2020, I relocated to Las Vegas and accepted the leadership of the Tribute act, Duran Duran Duran, following two years as a drummer, co-producer, and creative director. Creative brand management, musical directorship, and live performance bring me joy and fulfillment, as my Vegas dream flourishes. Today, I celebrate D3’s talented, diverse cast of performers as we realize the vision going forward.

I look back with pride at the success with which I have been blessed in the last twenty years. My continuing career in brand design, my years serving as a design educator at the college level, the growth and achievement of my adult children, and the permanent honor I derive from my shared B.A.D. rock & roll legend.

Music and a Life of creativity are mine—one of fulfillment and happiness.

GOD Bless!


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Soto posted the following message on his Facebook page back on May 31, 2023:

“It feels good to be B.A.D.

I can officially announce that I am the new drummer for Babylon A.D.

Babylon A.D. is a band I watched on my TV as a kid, rockin out to their music videos late at night instead of sleeping. They were and are a core part of my childhood, and to get the opportunity to drum for them is surreal even after rehearsing together in secret for 5 months. I’ll see you out on the road, let the fun begin!”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Soto explained how he landed his new gig in Babylon A.D.. Soto indicated: “Ron Freschi was already a friend of mine. When we first met, I was playing a show with my other local band Sundust towards the end of covid. He had messaged me some days later and asked if I’d be interested in jamming in a local project he was already a part of. That project also included our dear friend Craig Pepe, the new bassist for Babylon A.D. as well. We did that band together for the better part of a year, and then things kinda slowed down. Then one beautiful day, I was driving home from my parent’s house and he called me. He said that Babylon A.D. was getting back together and they were interested in jamming with me, I couldn’t say anything other than “fuck yes”. Couple weeks after that phone call, I went up to the rehearsal spot with my drum kit and met Derek Davis and John Matthews for the first time and jammed it out. The rest is history!”

With respect to the status of Babylon A.D.‘s follow up album to Revelation Highway (2017), Soto stated: “The new Babylon record is still in development, but I can say that it sounds really amazing thus far. Although I wasn’t a part of the creative process on any of their previous records, as an objective listener I think the new stuff sounds a lot like the first record. The first song we collaborated on is called “Lookin’ For A Heartbeat” which has a lot of reminiscent qualities of songs like “Shot o’ Love” and “Desperate” to me. It’s so fun to work in this record, and I can’t wait for its release next year.”

In terms of Babylon A.D.‘s future gigging plans, Soto advised: “We have some select dates booked throughout the year so far. Our first show with the new lineup is on July 1st at Vinnie’s in Concord, CA. After that we have Fulton 55 in Fresno, the Whisky [A Go-Go] in Hollywood, Colorado, Utah, and potentially a few others yet to be confirmed. Next year, I’m sure we’ll embark and a larger tour to promote the new record. We’re gonna get our feet wet this year, and then dive in the deep end next year. I can’t wait! It’s such a pleasure playing with these guys and continuing the legacy that is this band.”

Babylon A.D.‘s “Kid Goes Wild” live video (from Live Lightning album):