Babylon A.D. Release Anniversary Live Album

Babylon A.D. Release Anniversary Live Album

March 15, 2015

Babylon A.D. have released a new live album, ‘Live@XXV’, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band’s debut release, ‘Babylon A.D.’.

Songs from all of Babylon A.D.’s previous releases with Arista and Apocalypse Records are represented on ‘Live@XXV’. The album includes their top-ten rock-radio hits “Hammer Swings Down”, “Bang Go The Bells”, “Kid Goes Wild”, and “Bad Blood”, along with standouts such as “Shot Of Love”, “Desperate”, “Sinking In The Sand”, and an angst-driven rendition of Montrose’s “Rock The Nation”. The thirteen hard-rocking tracks on ‘Live@XXV’ showcase the high-energy, powerfullive performances that Babylon A.D. is renowned for and can be purchased directly from the band at

‘Live@XXV’ follows the 2014 release of the four song EP ‘Lost Sessions/Fresno, CA 93’. “Babylon A.D. were always a fairly straight-forward rock band, with some dark and moody elements, and the songs on this EP perfectly capture that sound,” said Sleaze Roxx in a review of the EP, “the biggest positive here is that Babylon A.D. are back, and I think many of us hope this short EP leads to something bigger from the band in the future.”

2014 also saw Babylon A.D. play several concert festival dates including Firefest Festival in Nottingham, U.K., and Rock N’ Skull 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, along with several other high profile shows across the U.S. This year Babylon A.D. are once again on the move with upcoming record release parties in Salt Lake City on March 20th and Las Vegas on March 21st. The band have also been invited to play the very prestigious Monsters Of Rock Cruise — held April 18-22 in Nassau, The Bahamas, the cruise will feature San Francisco Bay Area favorites Y&T, Night Ranger and Tesla along with many of the biggest bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s hard rock genre. The band has several concerts booked throughout the summer and are currently booking shows for the rest of 2015.

‘Live@XXV’ track listing:
01. Back In Babylon
02. Hammer Swings Down
03. Shot Of Love
04. Sinking In The Sand
05. Bang Go The Bells
06. Maryanne
07. Bad Blood
08. Love Blind
09. Sally Danced
10. Desperate
11. Kid Goes Wild
12. Rock The Nation
13. Lights Out London

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