Babylon A.D. release video for track “One Million Miles”

Babylon A.D. release video for track “One Million Miles”

Babylon A.D. have released a new video for the song “One Million Miles” from their new studio album Revelation Highway, which was just released via Frontiers Music Srl on November 10, 2017.

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Babylon A.D.‘s frontman Derek Davis spoke about how they went about picking tracks to re-record from the Persuaders demo:

“We had a bunch of new songs. [Guitarist] Ron [Freschi] had ideas, stuff he demoed. We said let’s play every song we know. Stuff we’d demoed. Stuff we did live maybe only once. We’d say, remember that song, give me that cassette. We had 20, 25 songs. The cool thing was they weren’t dated. We’d have parties at the house, people would come over. Our close friends. Just hanging out. No one said, that song is shit. None of the songs sounded old. They were current — cool. Then we had 16. We dwindled that down too. We widdled away at them. The songs on the new album weren’t necessarily the ones that were the best. Let’s keep the ones that are different from each other. If we have two “Bangs,” let’s use one. Ones that may have the same beats. The leftovers we have are cool for the next album. Two from the ‘Persuaders’ days. They were never recorded. Really strong songs. Like I said, we didn’t want duplicates. Each song has different beats, tempos.”

In terms of the new video, Davis advised: “We actually just did another one “One Million Miles”, in Fresno Beach. It was 80 degrees. There was no one there and we got the best footage. That will be the next single.” With respect to the guitar solo for the song, Davis stated: “It is a great solo. I actually wrote it. I told the guys they could change it, but they left it. It’s got that ’70s, Thin Lizzy type thing. Actually the video fits the song perfectly. It goes hand in glove.”

Babylon A.D.‘s “One Million Miles” video:

Babylon A.D. – “One Million Miles” (Official Video)

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