Babylon A.D. Returning With Four Song EP In March

Babylon A.D. Returning With Four Song EP In March

January 30, 2014

Babylon A.D. are set to return with a four song EP this March containing songs recorded back in 1993 along with a new version of their hit single “Bang Go The Bells”.

“A couple months ago I was going through an old chest that I have with old memorabilia and a lot of different CDs and bands I played with and I ran across a cassette and it was labeled Fresno ’93,” vocalist Derek Davis recently told Xsite Radio’s Gorilla Cookie Show. “I was going through everything, kinda reminiscing — I put it on and said, ‘holy shit man, there’s some good songs here’. So I passed it to the guys to see what their take on it was and everybody was like, ‘wow, this sounds like how we sounded back in the day. We should put this stuff out’. So we had a meeting and decided to put it out — it’s going to be out in March. Its three songs we did in Fresno plus we’re putting a new version of Bang Go The Bells on there so it’s going to be a four song EP.”

“What’s interesting about this little group of songs that we’re going to release is — when you’re coming up with material for records the record company rejects things left and right,” continued Babylon A.D. drummer James Pacheco. “We must have recorded… and I know Derek himself probably recorded at least 50 to 100 tunes and these three happened to be written within the band. It was one of those things that we went in and did it and then it was rejected and forgotten about. So, when Derek pulled the tunes out, we were all, ‘holy shit this stuff sounds great! Why didn’t this make the record?’ There was one tune that we did that we only played in the studio. We learned it in the studio and then we laid it down in a couple takes — it’s Love Is A Mystery. It’s the last one on the EP. It’s a ballad and its pretty cool.”

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