Babylon A.D. singer Derek Davis releases video for “Sweet Cream Cadillac” from upcoming solo album 

Babylon A.D. singer Derek Davis releases video for “Sweet Cream Cadillac” from upcoming solo album 

Babylon A.D.‘s long-time frontman Derek Davis has released a video for the song “Sweet Cream Cadillac” from his upcoming new solo album Resonator Blues, which will be released on June 1, 2019.

Track List for Resonator Blues:
01. Resonator Blues
02. Sweet Cream Cadillac
03. Mississippi Mud
04. Penitentiary Bound
05. Jesus Set Me Free
06. Red Hot Lover
07. Death Letter
08. Whiskey And Water
09. Unconditional Love
10. It Hurts Me Too
11. Back In My Arms
12. Prison Train

MTS Management Group‘s press release states in part:

Derek Davis, Frontman and Songwriter for former Arista Records and Frontiers Records recording artists, “Babylon A.D.” has just released his first single and video “Sweet Cream Cadillac.” The track is from his upcoming new album “Resonator Blues,” which lands worldwide on June 1st, 2019.

“Sweet Cream Cadillac” is a 1960s foot stomping, hand clapping, dancing at the hop type of up-tempo song, with a memorable slide-lead played on a Silvertone acoustic. Girls and Cadillacs, is the story line and fun, fun, fun is the motor that runs this uplifting piece of swinging blues!…

Resonator Blues” is Derek’s third solo album after his initial 2012 release “Re-Volt.” His second offering, the 2017 “Revolutionary Soul” ushered in some great Retro Soul, and was widely praised by music critics and fans alike. In total, Davis has performed and written on twelve albums. With a wide range of influences, Hard Rock, Southern Blues Rock and Old School R&B Soul, and now the Blues.

On his latest offering, Derek Davis weaves early Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Twang, Southern Rock, Traditional and Jump Blues all into one. The twelve mesmerizing tracks, of which, ten, Davis has written, pin the listener’s ears back and demand they sit up and take notice. Bottleneck-Slide is prevalent on nearly all the tracks along with some wailing harmonica and sometimes a blistering Texas Telecaster lead will be heard. This is a multifaceted album, a journey of sorts all rolled into one great magical music ride across America down highway 61.

The vision of Derek Davis, who not only sings and plays all the different guitars and bass on the record, also does a masterful job creating lyrical landscapes with amoving production. The voice of Derek Davis is unmistakable. He belts out eachsong with emotion, passion and power, using his amazing gift to reach the listener and weave his tales. The voice is gritty yet melodic and every song is sung as it should be. His guitar work is exceptional, raw, and captivating.

To sum it all up, Davis has made one hell of an American Blues album. In a day and age where it seems music is made by computers and programmers that have sucked the life out of the music of today, it’s great to find a hidden gem that can and will stand the test of time. Vinyl anyone?”

Derek Davis‘ “Sweet Cream Cadillac” video:

Sweet Cream Cadillac -1950s party song (Official Music VIdeo) – Resonator Blues//Derek Davis

New release 6/1/19 from the album Resonator Blues : Links to buy! …