Babylon A.D. to release new live album ‘Live Lightning’ on March 17th

Babylon A.D. to release new live album ‘Live Lightning’ on March 17th

Babylon A.D. featuring frontman Derek Davis will be releasing a new live album titled Live Lightning via Perris Records on March 17, 2023.

Perris Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

Babylon A.D. is back! The new album “Live Lightning” hits the streets March 17th, 2023 on Perris Records. The new album includes their top-ten rock-radio classic hits “Hammer Swings Down”, “Kid Goes Wild”, “Bang Go The Bells” from their debut release, their hit “Bad Blood” from the “Nothing Sacred” album and songs from their studio albums “American Blitzkrieg”, “The Lost Sessions” and their last release “Revelation Highway” are all featured. The fourteen hard-rocking tracks on “Live Lightning” showcase the high-energy, powerful live performances that Babylon A.D. is renowned for. Formed in 1988, Babylon A.D. hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Original members, Derek Davis vocalist/songwriter, guitarists’ and music writers John Mathews and Ron Freschi, drummer James Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid were all in childhood rival bands before they began playing together.

In 1989, Babylon A.D. caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry music mogul “Clive Davis”, who signed them at a live showcase in Los Angeles thanks to their impressive three song demo and a home made video. Their self-titled album “Babylon A.D.” was released in 1990 and included their hard rock classic hits “Bang Go The Bells”, “Hammer Swings Down” and “The Kid Goes Wild”, which was the trailer song and promotional video for Orion Pictures (Robo Cop 2). The band scored three #1 songs at Metal Radio and reached Gold status on their first release, which spent 38 weeks on the Billboard top 200, peaking at # 46. Their sophomore effort (Nothing Sacred) released in 1992 produced two more top-ten metal rockers. “Bad Blood” and “So Savage the Heart”. Constant touring throughout the early 1990s and several MTV videos made them one of hard rock fans’ favorite bands.

After spending several years with Arista Records, the band signed with Apocalypse Records in 1999 and released “Live In Your Face”, a compilation of live tracks recorded at various cities’ across America. Their next release “American Blitzkrieg” soon followed in 2002 and both CDs were well received by critics and fans alike. In 2008, the band released Babylon A.D.In The Beginning” on Perris Records, a compilation of songs from the original demo tapes that secured them their recording contract with Arista Records. After a long hiatus, the band started playing and recording again in 2014. Touring across the States and Europe releasing three more albums, the latest “Revelation Highway” was released in 2018 on Frontiers Records. Babylon A.D. is back! And once again bringing their powerful hi-energy show and new CD to a city near you!”

Babylon A.D.‘s “The Kid Goes Wild” video: